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Politics and other crap, part 2

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It’s getting a little hard to load the comments from the original post, so I’m starting a new one.

2017 Season Predictions

Friday, August 25, 2017 Posted by

The lure of the Steel Balls Trophy beckons you!

It’s that time of year where Steel Ballers put their reputations on the line to make their season predictions. Let me remind you of the rules of engagement:


  1. Lowest score wins.
  2. Points are based on accuracy. An exact prediction yields zero points.
  3. Categories include:
    • Final regular season record for each AFCN team.
    • Divisional positioning of AFCN teams.
    • Number of Steelers playoff wins.
  4. Tie breaker: accuracy of game-by-game predictions

If you are too lazy to provide predictions in any of the above categories, you will get maximum points for that category.

Predictions will be accepted until Midnight ET September 9. You may change your predictions up until that time without penalty.

Good luck!

Autographs this year…

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 Posted by

I try to get the rookies, just missed JuJu

Hines Ward

James Harrison

Eli Rogers

Tyler Matakevich

Darius Heyward-Bay

Ross Cockrell

Robert Golden

Chris Hubbard

Fitzgerald Toussaint

James Connor

Joshua Dobbs

Brian Allen

Cameron Sutton

Jordan Dangerfield

Marcus Tucker

Landry Jones

Bart Houston

Mike Matthews

Kyle Friend

Ethan Cooper

Trey Williams

Friday Night Lights – ESPN, and look who is on the sidelines…

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Hanging with Hines

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Pay the man.

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Legends of Pittsburgh 2017

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Steel City Blitz Podcast – Episode 22 (6/14)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Posted by

If you ever wondered how weird I actually sound, give this a listen.

I’ve updated it to open in a new tab. You can always go to the SCB podcast page and click on the Episodes tab to listen to any of the past podcasts.

Episode 22

Episode 21 

Episode 20 

Episode 19 

Earl must have gone to The Masters and not told any of us

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Git you some!!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 Posted by

Beer Pornography

Just released here today. Able to score two 4-packs through contacts and just finished one bottle. How good is it? Empty bottles are selling for $17 on EBay:

Quick background:

Sorry to take up precious posting space but this is as alluring to me as Kate Upton is to Earl.

Seriously, find it… buy it… drink it. You’ll be glad you did.





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[Edit – Copanut’s response:]

Suck it, rednecks!