Predict Your Draft Selections

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Predict which positions you think the Steelers will select, per round. This is not intended to be a mock draft with specific players identified, but you can include some names if you want.

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  1. copanut

    1: TE
    2. WR
    3. S
    4. RB (if a FA is not signed)
    5. DL/ LB
    6. QB
    7. CB
    Undrafted: P, S, RB, DL

    Note: If Sanders is signed by New England, move the RB pick to the second 3rd round pick, and make the 4thround pick another WR.

  2. Bill S

    1 Safety
    2 Nosetackle
    3 Receiver
    4 Inside LB
    5 Cornerback
    6 Running Back
    7 Outside LB

    • copanut

      I could see this mix, but I’d be a little surprised to see a safety in the first round.

      • Bill S

        With Mundy and Allen splitting along with Ryan Clark to become an UFA next season in his mid-thirties not to mention Troy, although still good, is showing his age, we could be extremely thin at that position. If Troy was to be the UFA this offseason I would go with safety even more.

  3. mwalsh269

    1 ILB
    2 Safety
    3 Wide Receiver
    4 OLB
    5 RB
    6 LB
    7 Safety
    7 Wide Receiver

  4. abennihana abennihana

    1. Safety
    2. OLB
    3. NT
    4. WR
    5. ILB
    6a. RB
    6b. TE
    7. OT

    Bear in mind that this is what I think they’ll do, not what I’m hoping for.

    • abennihana abennihana

      Unless Jarvis Jones is available in round one, which I do not expect. Too good to pass up. That throws my whole draft off. The guy I think is there and represents best value for the pick is Vaccaro.

      • BGINTN

        Yea I figured that is how it read after I posted, but not what I meant…trade whatever picks we need to to move into the 4th again…


    My optimism is that if C. Patterson is on the board at 17, Minn will trade pick 23 + their 3rd and 6th.

    1-23 TE – Eifert
    2-48 S
    3-79 WR or RB
    3- 83 ILB
    4 – 115 WR or RB
    Package these picks to land another 4th or move up in the 5th for OLB
    5 – 150
    6 -186
    6 – 189
    6 – 206
    7 – 223

    • abennihana

      You would get more than a 4 or a move up in the 5th for five picks. They need the bodies anyway. At most to move up in the 5th, they give up a 7. When they drafted Sepulveda, as I recall, they traded up 11 spots in the 4th for the price of a 6 (and their original 4).

  6. TomPaulBillyBob

    1. TE
    2. LB
    3. RB and WR (from Sanders Tender)
    4. S
    5. LB
    6. OT and WR (from Gay Comp)
    7. S

  7. MACK

    1. safety


    Final Mock

    Trade 1.17 w/ ATL or SF
    1.30 – Lacy (RB)
    2.48 – Hopkins/Woods (WR)
    2.60 – J Collins (OLB)
    3.79 – S. Moore (ILB)
    4.115 – S. Thomas or best remaining safety
    4.127 – J Simon (OLB)
    5.150 – BW Webb (CB)
    6.186 – J Kruger (DE)
    6.206 – Best TE remaining
    7.223 – Mauti (ILB)

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