2013 Prediction Review

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Looking back at our  predictions for 2013, I think we can say we’re pretty smart, but not as smart as we like to think.

As a group, we picked the Bengals to take the division, followed by the Steelers, the Ravens, and the Browns. We nailed that one.

Our individual results were not so accurate, however.

Nobody picked the Steelers to finish 8-8. Nobody. Given that we like to think of ourselves as Steelers experts, clearly we’re a bit deluded about that. The closest were bills and jeffmi who picked the Steelers to go 7-9. [Edit: it seems that malsor did make an accurate prediction of 8-8 although it was late and therefore not in my summary table. However, he only gets partial credit for victory because he also predicted 6-10, plus a whole bunch of other stuff of mixed accuracy, depending on this and that and the other thing. Next time, the rule will be to go with one prediction and one only.]

One person, mwalsh, accurately predicted the Bengals to finish at 11-5.

Four people accurately predicted that the Ravens would end up at 8-8: copanut (I blush), steeltyke, mack, and tompaulbillybob.

Nobody accurately predicted the Browns would win only 4 games. The closest were jamesh and steeltyke who picked them to win 6.

Let’s see if we can do better for 2014. The early betting line has the Steelers going 19-0, baby.

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  1. malsor malsor

    copa where are the predictions? i predicted 8-8 “with a normal year of injuries or 6-10 with another year of abnormal injuries.” i also wrote other reasons for my choice. could u please tell me how to access them? thank u

    • copanut copanut

      malsor, for someone smart enough to (sort of) predict the Steelers record, you should be able to find an old post. Scroll down the right column of the page and search either by category or (further down) by date in the archive. It was the very first post so it’s easy to find.

      Your prediction came AFTER I already had summarized submissions, which is why I failed to mention it in this post. Normally if you snooze you lose, but as I show more mercy than the NFL gods, I’ve edited to give you due credit.

  2. abennihana abennihana

    “One person, mwalsh, accurately predicted the Bengals to finish at 11-5.”

    I still say that Mike is a dick for making that prediction. It doesn’t matter that the Bungholes proved him right; or more accurately the Steelers and Rats did.

  3. malsor malsor

    copa i wrote the post on march 31st and the others on march 28th sorry but i didnt know that i missed a deadline by 3 days. and i only gave two scenarios both reflecting an avg team. i only gave reasons why for my prediction not a bunch of different scenarios. i only said 6-10 if the injury trend continues and 8-8 otherwise. at least i went on to list the reasons why which was the incompetence of the FO/coaching which i was right about. thank u i think?

    • copanut copanut

      There was no deadline, I just didn’t update the table for “late” submissions. Your predictions count.

      On the other hand, you did provide a range rather than a single prediction. I predicted 10-6, but could easily have said “or maybe 8-8 if shit happens”, so I’m giving you credit but with an asterisk.

      I love all this arbitrary power I have on this site. Makes me feel like Roger Goodell. Moo-ha-ha-ha….

  4. malsor malsor

    actually copa thank u alot (u know i was kidding) for everything u did for us this year and providing this platform. i dont know what i would have done without all the regulars on here.

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