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In a seemingly neverending quest to accommodate the tastes of all users, I have created new user roles for the site. If you are not happy with your current role, please let me know your preferences.

  • Subscribers: by default, general subscribers (which is to say anyone who registers an account) have access to PUBLIC posts only and not PRIVATE posts. If you want to view private posts, you must “opt in” by sending an email to me at steelballs@thenetmail.com.
  • Authors: by default, authors have access to both public and private posts. Note that this is the opposite default as for general subscribers. If you would prefer not to view private posts, you may “opt out” by sending an email to me.

I am not rendering value judgements here.  I use my computer in full visibility of a bunch of other people and prefer not to have NSFW stuff on display, so I opt out of viewing the private material. I enjoy the site 10x more with that stuff turned off. But, to each his own and we can accommodate both.

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    The site is much better w/o the smut and vulgarity…thanks COPA for the accommodations

    • copanut copanut

      BGINTN, I changed your “author” login to shut off the private posts, so even when you’re logged in you won’t see them. I figured that would be your preference, but if not, let me know and I’ll change it back.

      • abennihana abennihana

        A webmaster taking the time to accommodate everyone regardless of their preference is unheard of. Thank you, Copa.
        Myself, I have the Sound Off page bookmarked and don’t always get over to the front page anymore. But, the smut doesn’t bother me any. I’m also not fixated by it.

  2. kalel1199 kalel1199

    i like to see some boobies every now and then, i’ve sent an email requesting to see it all

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