And the Winner of the Daft or Draft Contest Is….

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Well, humility really prevents me from bragging too much, so I’ll just have to say the winner is Steelers Nation for what appears to be an excellent haul from the college ranks.

To recap the results of the contest, I made three correct guesses in my alternate mock that began with an OLB selection. I had guessed Eli Harold on the assumption that Dupree would never make it to the 22nd pick, but I am happy to be wrong on that one because things broke the Steelers way.

In that mock, I predicted the Steelers would choose an OLB, two CBs, a WR, and a TE in the first five picks and indeed that’s how it worked out. In terms of names, I correctly predicted Golson, Coates, and James, but missed on Dupree and Grant (having instead guessed at Harold and Rowe). Still, for me this is not only a personal best but almost ridiculous good luck.

I have been waiting by my phone for hours, but for some reason the FO has not yet called to invite me to join the scouting department. Maybe Colbert is afraid of being upstaged.

The runner up was Abennihana, who correctly predicted Jesse James and Gerod Holliman, and as a bonus also identified UDFA Cameron Clear.

5 Responses to “And the Winner of the Daft or Draft Contest Is….”

  1. abennihana abennihana

    I think this contest was rigged. Inside job by the Admin.

  2. abennihana abennihana

    I had two picks (er, um wild assed guesses) correct, James and Holliman, along with Cameron Clear as a UDFA. Further, I didn’t go back and [allegedly] edit my picks later to show myself as the winner.

    So there!

    • copanut copanut

      I stand corrected. I missed your Holliman pick, probably because you overreached so badly in selecting him in the 5th round which obviously confused my natural GM sensibilities.

      • abennihana abennihana

        Overreached? had a 4th or 5th round grade on Holliman.

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