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  1. abennihana

    Dare I ask, who is the dork in the NAPA cap?

    • steelerfan58

      Glad you asked. It’s Michael Waltrip, brother of 3 time NASCAR champion Darrell Waltrip and owner of the 55 and 15 cars in the Sprint Cup series. He was caught using a fuel additive that got him fined and suspended. He also no longer wears the NAPA hat as they pulled their sponsorship after he got caught. Cost him and his teams millions. You just knew I had to throw that in there.

      • steelerfan58

        You could say his cars were juiced! Maybe I should have included a pic of his cars too.

  2. copanut

    I like that the Patsies are represented both at the top and bottom of the tree.


    “Giselle thinks this is 9 inches.”

  4. TomPaulBillyBob

    I appreciate the inclusion of the NASCAR folks…of all the sports/forms of professional entertainment (for the sports definition challenged), I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they have the largest number of cheaters. Those are some creative rednecks.

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