Random Dog Days Thoughts

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Man, it’s difficult to deal with the the offsesason, particularly June – one of the deadest periods of our long national offseason nightmare.

So… here are some random thoughts that have nothing to do with football.

Thank you Donald Trump! I don’t care about your politics – if you don’t find The Donald hysterically funny there is something wrong with you. He makes all the other presidential candidates look normal and sane by comparison, and that is no small feat.  Revel in his nearly incoherent and yet magnificently  narcissistic announcement today:

“I will be… the greatest jobs president… that God ever created… I tell you that.” I’m thankful that he added “I tell you that” to the end of the sentence because that just makes it so more… real.

Donald will do for the combover what Lincoln did for the tophat.

ScreenShot1235First we had transgender, then transracial. Why not transfootball? As long as we can all pretend to be what we are not, why not give a break to the Cleveland Browns and let them pretend to be what they are not – a professional football team. Or let Bill Belicheck pretend to be what he is not – a fully animate entity.

Another terrorist dies… and another 1000 headlice go homeless.

Are you sick and tired of spam? The most amazing spam control software I’ve ever used is called Cloudmark DesktopOne and it’s free. The design is genius and results in extremely accurate spam detection thanks to crowd stats and honeypotting. Since I installed it, it has blocked 4,704 spams of 6,170 messages (76%) with zero false positives and almost no misses.

One of the best places on Earth. Can you identify it?


Oh, just one more more thing… I’ve been killing time lately by watching Columbo on Netflix. Though somewhat dated in style, that was one brilliant show. Love watching Peter Falk make the perps squirm until he pulls the rabbit out of the hat at the end. Also quality guest actors and production staff like Bochco. Good stuff.

Okay, just remember…

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    7 Responses to “Random Dog Days Thoughts”

    1. TomPaulBillyBob

      As for the one of the best places on earth photo, I’ll take a wild stab and say Magens Bay, St. Thomas VI–that’s the best I got

      • copanut

        Not a bad guess. The photo is from Turtle Bay on the north shore of Oahu.

    2. tobiathan

      Thx for the Cloudmark tip- it seems to eat spam like candy.

    3. tobiathan

      btw- the Trump video was cute but very, very heavily edited; I saw his announcement and he was very much on-point and nothing shown in the video was shown in context.

      Please stick to football?

      • copanut

        Toby, if I stuck strictly to football you would not have heard about Cloudmark!

        • tobiathan


          i hate it when you cloud my mind with coherent, accurate, poignant rebuttals to my poorly-reasoned and incompletely-thought-out requests!

          darn you to heck – you and your big brain….

          but seriously- if the POTUS is to be a clown’s job as it has the past several terms what better clown than The Donald? he’s my team’s answer to Sticky Bill 😉

          • copanut

            He’s on your team? Even a team as low as the Patriots knew it had to cut ties with Aaron Hernandez. You might consider the same for the Trumpster, now that he’s managed to throw under the bus every American POW in history.

            “He’s not war hero… I like people who weren’t captured.”

            Donald is a contemptible douchebag of the highest order.

            [But, you do make a valid point about political jobs being for clowns. That’s certainly well supported by history, isn’t it?]

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