Tom Brady Will Play Week One vs The Steelers

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Well guys, here it is. Please feel entitled to read it and offer any feedback you like whether positive, negative or indifferent. You all were a part of my evolution as a fan and now part time, half assed amateur writer. 

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  1. TomPaulBillyBob

    I think Goodell would love this scenario, because he’s handed down the punishment, so he puts himself in good graces with those who think he sleeps with Kraft; and if the appeals process spills into the season, well then he also gets to enjoy the additional revenue of having Two-Inch Tommy playing in the season premier….he wins either way. The greater discussion, in my opinion, is if they (Goodell, Kraft, T-I-T) knew all along what to expect with this scenario

  2. abennihana

    There is a narrative out there that the NFL profits by their ratings. They do not. The money they will get from the networks is etched in stone. Selling ads is the burden of the TV networks. The NFL does try to manipulate the matchups in those night games because it makes those packages more enticing to bidders when contracts are up and also raises the NFL’s profile, so it is understandable.
    But, Brady being suspended or not really has no impact on NFL profits because their recompense has already been set. Unless marquee players start getting suspended and screwing up high profile games like this one, the NFL night game packages are in no risk of declining in value at all.

    • copanut

      True, but if ratings decline then this will impact the next round of network negotiations. It’s in the league’s best interest to keep the viewers believing the game is not a complete farce unfairly favoring certain owners, players, or teams.

      Fortunately for the billionaires, we sheep are quite bahhhhhhh-gullible in that bahhhhhh-regard.

      • abennihana

        The thing is a marquee player like Tommy Boy being suspended is an outlier. If ratings slip for this game because Tommy doesn’t play, you cannot reasonably expect that they will suffer next season. Ergo, no net effect.

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