Some Tebow Perspective courtesy of Ricky & TomPaulBillyBubba (blame them)

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Let me preface this by writing that I am truly grateful that Tim Tebow is not one of our QBs. He is not good and does not fit in a pro offense anywhere outside the Oregon Duck packages that Chip Kelly will roll out sometimes. That said, Timmy is 9-7 as a starter, 8-6 regular (57.1%) season and 1-1 in the playoffs (50%). 


For comparative purposes, the starting records of some other QBs that certain fans believe would make fine replacements and/or accompaniments for Ben within the QB corps:


Kirk Cousins: 2-7 (22.2%)
Charlie Batch: 25-30 (45.45%) [although he was 6-3 as a starter in the Burgh]
Jason Campbell: 32-47 (40.5%) [although he was 1-8 in his last 2 years]
Matt Cassel: 33-39 (41.77%) [4-5 in the last 2 years]
Jimmy Clausen 1-10 (9.09%)
Ryan Fitzpatrick 33-55-1 (37.07%)
Mike Glennon: 5-13 (27.78%)
RGIII: 14-21 (40%) in the regular season. 0-1 in the playoffs
Chad Henne: 18-35 (33.96%)

Brian Hoyer: 10-7 (58.82%)

Case Keenum: 2-8 (20%)
Thaddeus Lewis: 2-4 (33.33%)
Ryan Lindley: 1-6 (14.2%)
EJ Manuel: 6-8 (42.86%)
Josh McCown:17-32 (34.69%)
Colt McCoy: 7-18 (28%)
Curtis Painter: 0-8 (0%)
Christian Ponder: 14-21-1 (38.89%)
Terrelle Pryor: 3-7​ (30%)
Brady Quinn:​ 4-16 (20%)

Mark Sanchez: 41-35 (53.94%)

Michael Vick: 61-53-1 (53.04%)

Brandon Weeden: 5-16 (23.81%)
Charlie Whitehurst​:2-7 (22.22%)


​The point in all of this is not that Tebow is a good QB. It’s that people remember him as a guy who finds a way to win. Hines Ward was like that. Jerome Bettis was like that. Alan Faneca was like that too, although he had more talent for his position than the previous two.  I hope you understand my point. People would rather have a Winner on their team than a guy who obviously gets rattled. That is doubly true of a guy who touches the ball on every snap like a QB.​ Landry Jones makes people nervous. Tebow may suck, in fact I think he objectively sucks, but at least when a guy like him gets the ball in his hands you know he is going to try to find a way.


While we’re on the subject, let’s look at the other QBs on the Steelers’ roster.


Bruce Gradkowski: 6-14 (30%) When you tell people from Pittsburgh that Gradkowski sucks, their standard comeback is, “He was good enough to beat us. I like him.”  Gradkowski won once and Steelers fans have never forgotten it. He only has a job in the NFL because he’s from Pittsburgh and the Rooneys like a feel good story

[EDIT: also because Joe Burnett forgot to Unleash Hell and catch a pass that Gradkowski threw right to him].

Make no mistake, if we ever have to depend on him for any length of time, we are sunk. He flat out sucks. He is Andy Dalton-Lite.


Ben Roethlisberger: 106-52 (67.08%) in the regular season and 10-5 (66.67%) in the playoffs. His 116-57 (67.05%) overall record translates to 10.72 wins and 5.27 losses over the course of a 16 game season.
Further, he still has this kind of record after going a combined 15-14 over 2012-2013. Ben has 25  4th quarter comebacks and 35 game winning drives over the course of his career, including 3 game winning drives in each of the last three seasons. He has a career passer rating of over 90, whether the team is winning, tied or playing from behind. But, what’s really astounding is that some of his best stats are when he is inside his own 20 and has to convert a set of downs to get away from his own end zone. Without this guy, the Steelers are a 5 or 6 win team.


I don’t believe that anyone who posts here regularly falls into this category, but people who think Ben can be easily replaced are incredibly short sighted and/or haven’t learned anything new about football since the 70s. There is also the possibility that they are just fucking idiots.

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  1. TomPaulBillyBob

    I completely agree 100% that you will not find anyone of the 2nd string ilk (even the 1.5 ilk, if you will) who could effectively step in and carry the offense…that’s why they’re 2nd string–that whole standard is the standard crap is garbage. I’m certain there are better options available than the dynamic duo of Gradkowsi (and his 1 fucking win…thank you Joe Burnett) and Landry Jones, some of who are currently on an NFL roster, others who may not be on one. But I’ll be happy to echo what others have written in that if a 2nd string qb has to be relied upon for an extended period of time (relative number–pick your own), then the name on the jersey won’t matter, because the standard that Ben sets is way too high for anyone called a 2nd string. Could Tebow be a better option than Jones’ 2 years and 3 training camps worth of experience in this offense? I truly don’t believe so….rattle or not, and I completely understand your point–and if I’m wrong then I’m wrong

    • abennihana

      I was pretty comfortable when we had Catapult Leftwich and Charlie Batch as our backups. I knew that if Ben missed a couple of games we still had a chance.
      And yes, I truly do believe that Tebow would be an upgrade to Landry Jones. But that says more about Jones than it does about Tebow.

    • steelerfan58

      I’m still with you TPBB. I believe Charlie Batch was actually a bottom half of the league starter. There were teams he could have started for. I don’t see that for our “dynamic duo”. And as I’ve said before, we and Ben will just have to agree to disagree on Tebone. I would maybe consider T over Laundry to finish a game if Ben was clocked because of his RB skills not his QB skills. But for a whole game or more I do NOT want to see him in B&G period.

  2. copanut

    Gradkowski’s main claim to fame is beating the Steelers. Ironically, the same is true for Tebow.

    What lesson can be learned from this? That Grad is good? That Tebow is good?

    No, the lesson learned is that crappy QBs beating the Steelers is a disturbingly commonplace event. It is a peculiar fact that the Steelers have often beaten the best QBs in the league while often being beaten by some of the worst.

    This is what gives me hope for the 2015 season – the Steelers will be playing against more good QBs than usual. In fact, we should hope that Shady Brady plays in the opener for that very reason. Garoppolo may have a better shot, historically speaking, of beating the Steelers than logic would dictate.

    • steelerfan58

      “the lesson learned is that crappy QBs beating the Steelers is a disturbingly commonplace event.” So painfully true. The list of hall of shamers that have beaten the Steelers is alarming and nauseating. Tebow, Pryor, Grads, Cannon, Flacco (hehehehe) quickly come to mind.

    • abennihana


      Groups of people who I must remind myself not to engage: Donald Trump supporters, and the Cult of Tim Tebow. Cut from oddly similar cloth.— Ian Whetstone (@IanWhetstone) August 24, 2015

  3. Earl

    Why would we ever want a guy like Tebow on our team ? Great attitude , great teammate , decent backup that finds a way to win . Could be a weapon in the 2 point game . I wonder if you would hate on Tebow if he were a Muslim? That wouldnt be PC now would it?

    • copanut

      I’m confused. Who is “you” and where did he show hate? And what does “Muslim” or “PC” have to do with a football discussion?

      • steelerfan58

        Earl if we need absolution Tebow is the man. If we need a QB there are about 60 others I would take over him. This coming from a devout, confessed and professed Christian, former youth director at our church, Sunday school teacher and Bible study leader at work. If I had feelings they would be hurt LOL! It pains me to say it but I’m with copa on this one. If I need someone to escort my daughter to the prom I want Tebow. If I need a QB for more than a couple plays he is not even on my list. So you would burn up a roster spot for someone to help with 2 point conversions but you say keeping a 3rd QB is a waste?

        • Army01

          Absolution? From Tebow?? Or any person? Tell me more please.

    • abennihana

      Wait. Did I hate on Tebow? Is that the way you’re perceiving this?
      I actually was making the case that he’s better than Landry despite his obvious limitations.

    • tobiathan

      I agree that Tebow gets more voluminous hatred, criticism, negativity and general disabuse than he could possibly have earned. Without his devout evangelism and the MSMs constantly covering him as if he was the worst draft of all time i don’t think he’d engender a fraction of the maledictions he receives.

      But he’s too lily-white male Christian and isn’t a traditional drop-back passer. A generation ago he’d be the face of the league- now he’s made out to be the other end.

      • abennihana

        In fairness, Tebow has been dumped by three teams and is trying to make his 4th. As a 1st round pick, he is a bust and therefore objectively was a bad draft pick.

        I like him as a personality because he’s grateful for everything that he has and doesn’t play the victim card at all. You’ll never hear that guy agree with anyone who says he’s been persecuted.

        • tobiathan

          Yeah- he doesn’t really seem to buy into the “persecuted” angle. You’re right about that. But i didn’t mean to imply tinfol hattery….just that the league, the game and society has changed as all things do.

          Tebow’s only obvious shortcoming as a QB is his lack of a traditional passing game. He does everything else well- including win- when given a chance. He just isn’t being given a chance despite his having proved he can be a difference-maker. That’s what bugs me.

          Other QB w far less proven success get constant tries at starting but Tebow has to suffer the treatment only losers and quitters used to face. That’s what gets me.

          I hope Kelly puts him in and tells him to just go win the game. Maybe Kelly can shut out “superstars” who want to catch more balls or run the ball more.

          But Tebow’s unpredictable style and tendency to run or complete high-percentage thropws control the clock, and the game. AND the defense. Any defense on Tebows team will get rest and be fresh.

          He’d be my first QB because, in the real world, the guy just gets it done during the money time.

          Only Ben is a more complete QB and football player, though Tebow is just a thrower and has more true threat to run while Ben is a natural passer who can steal big chunks on the ground occasionally.

    • tobiathan

      I doubt the media and die-hard Timmy-haters would mention his religion at all if it were any other one. I hate that inherent yet unspoken hypocrisy of the MSM et al in using anyone’s personal beliefs against them publicly.

  4. tobiathan

    What everybody seems to miss in identifying the differences b/w Ben and Tebow isidentifyinfying the similarities first- 1. Both are big and strong 2. both are *football players* and not just QBs [Ben could’ve ben a TE or OT if he wasn’t a great thrower] 3. Both are leaders and make the players around them try harder, work harder and have hope 4. Ben breaks tackles, Tebow does too; Ben just throws downfield where Tebow will run like Riggins if a he can 5. Both are winners who don’t quit and “play to win the game”.

    If we needed a different man under centerI’d rather have Tebow than anyone else who isn’t a starter b/c we have AB, MW, LB, an OL, HM etc. and with that crew Tebow could easily CREATE success. Because that’s what he does- he makes his chances.

    If all you want is a Manning or Brady that’s your prerogative but i love Ben b/c he makes lemonade outta lemons and so does Tebow- when he’s allowed to.

    • Army01

      Right on the mark!,

    • abennihana

      I understand your position, However, all comparisons made were Tebow to Landry Jones. Tim Tebow’s abilities do not merit comparison to Ben Roethlisberger and never have.
      Tebow is a very talented athlete, but he’s not a good QB. I’d rather have a number of guys as the #2. But that doesn’t mean that Tim isn’t a better option than many #3s including ours.

      • tobiathan

        I know i kinda jumped the track there from Jones to Ben, but seeing as how Tebow frankly and objectively beat Ben in a playoff game i thought one minor comparison wass fair, though Tebow is not, as you say, in Ben’s league as a QB as a matter of overall success or by most any other metric.

  5. TomPaulBillyBob

    I just want to clarify that I in no way whatsoever dislike Tebow as a player or a person; I’m not sure if the afformentioned comments were directed toward my replies or not, but I just wantt o be clear. A person’s faith, or lack thereof, has absolutely nothing to do with my determination as to whether or not I think he would suffice at 2nd string QB….I caould care less if he chooses to be a Christian, Muslim, Jehovah’s Witness, Scientologist or Beelzebub worshiper…for what it’s worth though, Landry is a self-proclaimed born-agian Christian, so all things are equal on the religious front….

  6. copanut

    It’s time for the Tebow apologists to stop whining about his whiteness, religion, etc. Seriously, who gives a crap? I am the polar opposite of Tebow’s evangelism, but do you think I care? I don’t dislike him as a person and I wish him well, but my only concern is whether or not he can play big boy ball or just sandlot scrambleball. I don’t care if he’s Pope Francis so long as he can complete 65% of his passes and command sustained drives. In fact that might help his Hail Mary passes.

    The only people I hear ever bringing up the man’s religion are Christians who can’t get over themselves. None of your alleged “enemies” care. Despite what you think, Christians are not a hunted and persecuted minority so stop your crying.

    Do you really think the “MSM” cares? Really? I’ll clue you in – the MSM only cares about advertising money, which in turn comes from ratings and clicks. They don’t care about anything else. Controversy sells. If they can pump up and promote controversy, they are happy. This is not about a racial, ethnic, political, or religious agenda unless your religion is money. Do you think the MSM is promoting Trump to death because they love him or hate him? No, they do it for the clicks because everyone loves to stop and look at live wreckage (a la ASSCAR) and that means readers and viewers, and that means advertising dollars. In the case of Tebow, they love to rile up evangelists because every time Tebow’s name is in the headline, the evangelists come a-clicking so they can make endless posts about how Timmy is mistreated because he wears his faith on his sleeve.

    So please, stop obsessing over the man’s irrelevant religious views and focus instead on his football skills. And, most particularly, his meager quarterback skills. He definitely has football skills that would be welcome, but he’s a lousy quarterback and pretty useless at that position other than in an emergency capacity where I would prefer him to Laundry.

    • abennihana

      Fucking heathen. 😀

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