Steelersfan58 Takes Out Mike Vick and Steel Balls

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SF58 Whips Mike Vick

We collectively doff our caps to Steelersfan58 who proved us all wrong about Landry Jones being a superior alternative to Mike Vick. Jones, despite having the gayest mustache since the Village People, is the hero of the Steelers’ pleasantly surprising 25-13 victory over the Cardinals.

2 Responses to “Steelersfan58 Takes Out Mike Vick and Steel Balls”

  1. malsor

    58 u took alot of shit but held firm. i am very happy to be wrong and i bow to your keen observational skills of backup qbs. lets hope after a week of preparation for an nfl defense and l.jones thinking about his next start he can still pull through.. kudos 58! there should be a day of observance where abenn has to say Nascar rules or at least be barred from using the phrase asscar. and i feel the same way he does regarding the thing although not as vitriolic..

  2. abennihana

    I’ll give Landry this. He got the ball out quick and made some good throws. He also had a couple that were less than stellar.
    But, given what we’ve seen this far, if Ben sits again next week, they should start Landry.

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