They’re Baaaaaaaack!

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*Hi Ricky! Alas, this is the last flight of the Bumblebees. *sniff* (my eyes are sweating)



The post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of Ted Cruz’s old band Stryper! b09lr77caaaxjoieminj201511015pdsteelerssports24pittsburgh-steelers-bumble-bee-throwback-jerseysusa-today-8896961-0

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  1. abennihana abennihana

    I’ll take this down after the game.

    • copanut copanut

      I love it.

  2. steelerfan58 steelerfan58

    Thanks for reminding me. I just got a promotion and a 50% pay raise today Ben. Thanks for pissing in my Fruit Loops. Only you could find a way to F that up! Next you’ll probably make some rancor comment about NASCAR and kill the joy of Keselowski advancing to the next round.
    So now I have to look at this all week!? That’s just mean man!

    • abennihana abennihana

      Yeah whatever. ASSCAR.

  3. abennihana abennihana

    * Alas, Sunday’s game against the New York Jets at Heinz Field is to be the final flight of the bumblebees. Officially the final flight, because the Steelers no longer will wear their 1934 throwback jerseys after Sunday’s game against the Jets.

    * “This will be the last time we wear them,” said Steelers President Art Rooney II. “Next year, we will not have a throwback jersey to wear. We are evaluating what we will do in the future. We have some ideas and plans, but we’re really not ready to reveal those yet in terms of what the next throwback will look like. This throwback has been a success from a lot of different standpoints. Even though some people didn’t like it, the majority of our fans did like it and a lot of them bought the jersey. It’s been a fun uniform to have.”

    * The way the NFL works it with throwback jerseys is that once a team picks one it must make a 5-year commitment to it. The Steelers began wearing the 1934 throwback – nicknamed the bumblebee jersey for obvious reasons – in 2012. Sunday’s game against the Jets will complete that 5-year commitment and will be the sixth time the team has been outfitted in their bumblebees.

    * The Steelers wore them twice in 2012 – in games against Washington and Baltimore – and once each in 2013 (vs. Detroit), 2014 (Indianapolis), 2015 (Cincinnati), and 2016 (Jets). The bumblebees bring a 3-2 record into Sunday’s game, with the wins over Washington, Detroit, and Indianapolis and the losses coming to the Ravens and Bengals.

    * The NFL also will be making use of “color rush” uniforms for all of its Thursday night games and a selection of others this season. The Steelers will wear their all-black ‘color rush’ uniforms for the Christmas Day game against the Ravens. As Rooney said, the Steelers won’t have a throwback for 2017, but he imagines the team will wear its ‘color rush’ uniform next year, which would fill the void until a new throwback is selected.

    * So far, the Steelers have worn three different versions of throwback jerseys. In 1994 as part of the NFL’s 75th Anniversary Season, the Steelers wore their 1933 jerseys – from their inaugural season in the league – which had a crest of the City of Pittsburgh on the front. The second throwback was a plain black jersey with gold numbers and a gold helmet that the team wore in era of the 1960s. The third throwback was the bumblebees.

    * As for the fourth, well, the Steelers only can hope the choice stirs the fan base to the same degree as its predecessor.

    – Bob Labriola


    I think they should wear them in the Super Bowl this year.

    • steelerfan58 steelerfan58

      As much as I dislike them your proposal is acceptable.

  5. steelerfan58 steelerfan58

    I’m wearing my bumblebee
    For one last time
    These things are so ugly
    And that’s being kind.
    I walk through he tunnel
    And under the lights
    My stomach starts rolling
    And my ass hole gets tight.
    I look in the stands
    And what do I see
    The whole fucking world is
    Laughing at me.
    It’s the end of an era
    and I’m not alone
    When I smile and say
    Thank God they are gone!!

    But I’ll still probably buy one of the putrid things just for the sake of the collection.


    Monty / Oct. 29th

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