Raw Data – Steelers on the Road, vs teams that finished .500 or worse, 2007 thru 2016

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In order to get a result, for how the team has done in the Tomlin Era, on the road, vs teams that were .500 or worse the week that Pittsburgh played them, I would have to go game by game for 9 seasons plus.
However, when reviewing road games versus teams that finished that season with a record of .500 or worse, a pattern does emerge.
From 2007 through 2011, Tomlin’s teams were 18-7 in these circumstances.
From 2012 through a partial 2016, Tomlin’s teams are 9-11 in the same.
In 2012, they were 0-4. 2013: 2-3. 2014: 4-2. 2015: 3-1. 2016: 0-1

Entire Data Table below the break


Just in case anyone was wondering. In home games vs teams that finished .500 or worse, Tomlin’s teams are 34-8; 2007 through now.
Dig down a bit deeper though and you see that; in 2012 they were 4-1, but lost to a bad San Diego team that traveled cross country and also had to go to OT to beat a bad KC team.
In 2103; they went 5-3, but opened the season with home losses to bad TEN & CHI teams and lost to a crappy Miami team in the snow game that malsor still talks about every once in a while.
When you combine that with dreadful road performances those years (2012: 0-4. 2013: 2-3) It’s clear to me where the perception that Tomlin is awful in these games comes from. It’s those two years in particular.
If you throw out 2012 and 2013, Tomlin’s teams are 50-15 vs those .500 or worse teams: 25-4 at home and 25-11 on the road.

Take that for what it’s worth.

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