Steelers 2017 Free Agents

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I’ve added some of my own speculation as to whether or not they’ll be back. 


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  1. J A M E S H

    Even though Wallace hasn’t been able to play, B.J. Finney is regarded more highly now by the coaching staff as the interior swing man. He may in fact push Foster next year for the starting LG spot, but Foster has so many intangibles going for him. Wallace will turn 33 next November. I think there is a good chance that they keep Finney as the first backup for the 3 interior spots and go younger for the backup to the backup spot.

  2. J A M E S H

    If this stubborn coaching staff/front office had just started Harrison from the beginning of the season, he probably would have finished the season with double-digit sacks. If he stays in this kind of shape and doesn’t lose another step (which admittedly he already has) I would like to see him come back next year and groom his rookie heir apparent. Jarvis can become an average LB in a 4-3 somewhere else.

  3. abennihana

    I think Wallace comes back and competes with Finney. Neither will make more than the minimum. Wallace because he hasn’t be available all year and Finney because he’s still a UDFA minimum salary player, just like Al.
    If I had to guess now, both will be retained out of camp. Munch likes to go with 9 in September and Hubbard has played better than anyone could have expected at OT. Hawkins will be back and I would imagine they’ll draft another OT. The thing is, this class is far from stellar at the position.
    Ryan Harris is either an August cut or isn’t at camp at all.

    I think James has an opportunity to be re-signed because they’re going to need bodies. The guys signed are Dupree and Chick on the left and Moats on the right. Even if they use a high pick on an Edge, they’re going to need a stop gap.

    • J A M E S H

      I follow your train of thought ….. I think differently about the 9th spot, though. And a lot depends on injuries, of course. We have the five starters in place, add Hawkins, Hubbard and Finney without a doubt. Lessseeeee, carry the two, add the one…….. that makes 8. I think they will use the last spot for someone who isn’t 33 years old to be the backup to the backup and will go younger.

      Or not.

      • abennihana

        Two observations. While I would like them to have a mind toward getting younger, they may not see a reason to. O linemen usually have longer careers than most positions.
        Second, it seems as though they feel a sense of loyalty to Wallace because he bailed them out last year. Not that I understand that.
        I like Finney better though. More upside.

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