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[Edit – Copanut’s response:]

Suck it, rednecks!

15 Responses to “ODE TO PRIUS”

  1. abennihana abennihana

    This is great!

  2. abennihana abennihana

    Is it just me, or does Copa’s response make it seem even gayer?

    • copanut copanut

      On the contrary. Earl grasping his pump and jamming into his vehicle’s backside is the image you have in mind.

  3. Earl Earl

    That big Zero also represents a Prius drivers chances of getting laid

    • copanut copanut

      Wait, I thought we spent hours a day driving around in vaginas while the rest of yinz spend the day riding around in hogs. I always thought a hog in a vagina was preferable to a hog in a hog, but that’s just me.

  4. J A M E S H J A M E S H

    So I’m running a little late to an important meeting but thinking I can still make it if I just ‘scoot’ a little bit. I’m not driving dangerously, buy I am getting on it somewhat. Doing pretty well until I round a curve and come up behind an older heavy-set woman in a Prius with a handicapped plate and a ‘Jesus Is My Co-Pilot’ bumper sticker. All I could think is “boy…. am I fucked.”

    • copanut copanut

      Don’t see why that’s an issue. Jesus can take over the controls and make the car jump into hyperspace through a wormhole big enough for the woman to fit.

    • Army01 Army01


  5. copanut copanut

    Hey Jimbobs, Johnboys, and Bobbisues: I just filled my gas tank for the first time since driving off the dealer lot, in prep for a road trip. With 910 miles on the odometer I put in 3 gallons. That comes out to 303 MPG, give or take.

    • Earl Earl

      That just means you aren’t paying your fair share of taxes to take care of the roads ….. Congratulations Mr Tax dodger

      • abennihana abennihana

        Trust me on this, Earl. He’s paying a lot in taxes. Lived in California for a few years. It’s THE most overtaxed state in the union, by a wide measure.
        They also have the second largest economy in the world. So,….

  6. Earl Earl

    My point is if not buying gas , he’s not paying the taxes that fix and maintain the roads.

    • abennihana abennihana

      Oh, I get that. But, that’s the way the tax code was written. Some states, Washington, California and Arizona, for example, have high annual vehicle registration costs and get their money that way. Others like Oregon and Florida have nominal vehicle registration costs, but high gasoline taxes.
      If the legislature wants resolve the issue of tax contribution by Electric Vehicles, they should change the laws.
      It’s been over 10 years since I lived in California, but when I did they double dipped. High vehicle registration costs and high gas tax. It’s ridiculous.

  7. Earl Earl

    Fact : Those who buy less gas pay less tax
    Fact : Copa drives a Prius . Therefore he is a gas tax dodger

  8. J A M E S H J A M E S H

    Do you have a shovel at your house? Does your neighbor have a shovel? Does your other neighbor have a shovel? How about every house in your entire neighborhood? Know anyone without a shovel?

    How many are being used at this very moment?

    Think of automobiles in the same way. In less than ten years, the entire transportation industry will be revolutionized and very different from what we now know. Think what happens if anytime you desire, you can pick up your cell phone and hail a driverless robotic electric transportation device and have it arrive in less than 5 minutes to take you wherever you desire to go…………….. and your monthly monetary outlay is half of what you are now paying for your car, insurance, fuel, repairs, maintenance, etc. Purists of certain generations will not want to give up the past……… but the future lies ahead.

    The lifeless, soul-less, not-for-driving-enthusiasts Prius will be hailed as an iconic milestone by future historians in this natural progression.

    What a shame.

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