Most Unlikable Steelers??

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Charter Steel Baller Tuskegee_Brown makes an intriguing request – that we have a poll to determine the most unlikable Steelers of the past 40 years. In order to make that poll we need to produce a list of names. I’m soliciting everyone’s input because this is harder than it might appear at first blush. For one thing, there aren’t that many truly unlikable Steelers, but many names to sift through to find them. For another, we may dislike the players for different reasons: lack of talent, bad attitude, lack of discipline, low IQ, etc.

So, I’m throwing this open to the masses. Please contribute your least favorite Steelers of the Super Bowl era including your reasons if you wish, and once we have a good list we’ll put up a poll. I’ll get the party started:

Cliff Stoudt – like having Landry Jones as a starter
Neil O’Donnell – you know why
Mike Vick – torturer of dogs – though rehabilitated it’s hard to get over that
Anthony Smith – all hat, no cattle
Cam Thomas – whiffffffffff
Chris Rainey – woman beater, without even compensating talent
Jacoby Jones – did everything possible to hurt the Steelers, regardless of which team he played on
LaGarette Blount – nearly wrecked LBell, then left his teammates and slithered to the enemy

[Edit] The poll is now closed and we have a clear loser… LeGarette Blount. Here is the final tally, including a five way tie for third.

8 Responses to “Most Unlikable Steelers??”

  1. Tuskegee_Brown Tuskegee_Brown

    Chris Kemoeatu: continuous bone-headed, penalty causing plays. Plus I think he is the one who gave up ground causing pick-6 in the SB.

    Tommy Maddox: The Jax and Houston debacles. Then his attitude when he lost the job to Ben.

    Troy Edwards: Main goat of first and most devastating AFCCG loss to the Pats

    Sweed: we all know why

  2. malsor malsor

    Eric green; started the SB video (along w ray seals) during the 94 playoff run. of course we lose to SD. leaves for miami FA next year.
    mark stock; dropped easy pass that would have put us in FG position at the least; possible TD on that drive to lose to the broncos ending that 89 run.

  3. TomPaulBillyBob TomPaulBillyBob

    LaGarette Blount was a total prick … like others have indicated, I can’t label a player as unlikable based strictly on talent level (or lack thereof).
    Tim Worley — could have been something special
    Mike Wallace — dickweed
    Jeff Reed — douche bag

  4. J A M E S H J A M E S H

    Mike Mitchell should be a choice. There are some who would say Ben Roethlisberger.

  5. Earl Earl

    Josh Scobee

  6. abennihana abennihana

    Earl’s comment renders all others moot. The only competition is NOD.

  7. saneman

    1. Mike Mitchell
    2. Tin Worley (idiot)
    3. Mike Wallace – infected the WR corps with his me first attitude.
    4. Anthony Smith
    5. Mike Adams (lazy bum)
    6. Cam Thomas
    7. Troy Edwards
    8. Sammie Coates
    9. Neil O Donnel – dude looked like he pissed in his pants whenever he saw Haley
    10. Dupree(I just dont like his play).

  8. saneman

    11. Josh Scobee
    12. Kris Brown (kept whining about Heinz field)

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