Under the Lights

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Friday Night Lights always seems like a good time. Even better when you have VIP access.

We had 50 yd line seats on the visitor side, only a few feet from the field.

During warm-ups we had the DB’s in front of us. As they went through a few drills, #25, #21, #42 and #23 seemed to move in unison. Fluid in their change of direction, back peddling, stopping and starting. But what was more impressive was the 2nd unit was only a notch below. #24, #34, #28 and #20. This is probably the best group of DB’s this team has seen in a while. The only worry is can Davis be that true centerfielder at FS. But I think we all feel he has to be better than Mike Mitchell was last year.

I also got my first real look at Terrell Edmunds. He looked thinner when he was with the LB’s…however, he seems to dwarf our DB’s. I saw him cover, I saw him run, I saw him run support and drop as a safety. He can do it all. He was a blanket playing coverage. He is fast. It won’t be long before this guy is an every down player. Of course a lot of players look good in practice. Let’s see come game time.

James Washington again put on a show. One play he came back on the field with the 3rd team. Everyone knew he was getting the ball, and probably a deep route. The corner #35 and safety pointed at him, they covered him, they ran with him…they failed. JW went up and caught the ball over the two of them. Yes, 3rd stringers…but he beat them, and beat them knowing what was coming. Without AB in camp, it was the JW show. We got a player.

Mason Rudolph looks fluid. He seemed to make all the throws, looked very comfortable with his footwork. He has all the make up of an NFL QB. However he looked smaller than I thought. Perhaps all those years of watching Big Ben.

Don’t get your hopes up with Jaylen Samuels. I was not impressed. He can’t run, he can’t block…I assume he can catch but they didn’t seem to throw to him much. Actually I was not impressed with any of our RB’s. I hear Conner is having a good camp. But I didn’t see it. I know these “live” practices don’t necessarily show what a power back can do, so let’s see how he does in the preseason games. I just get the sense our starting RB for 2019 is NOT on the team. That’s not a bad thing as a rookie at RB can have success.

Cam Heyward had the night off, but he was clearly visible and when he talked, the D-Line listened. Again, Tuitt is a big man, hopefully he stays injury free and plays like one.

I missed the backs on backers, which apparently was the hightlight of the night. And that is why this guy is not a reporter…

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