2019 Steelers “Not so predictable” Predictions

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For fun, I figure we can make some “different” predictions here for the upcoming season. 3 each…Good luck!

Here are mine

  1. Zach Banner will catch a TD pass
  2. Mason Rudolph will start 2 games (hopefully the last game)
  3. Terrell Edmunds will make the ProBowl

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  1. copanut2 copanut

    1. Rudolph will play in three games and start one. Two due to injury, and the meaningless finale. The Steelers will win all three.

    2. Ryan Switzer will be put on IR when a 250 lb linebacker cleans his clock.

    3. Bud Dupree will record at least 8 sacks and the secondary will record double digit interceptions.

    That last one is a real stretch, but I’m a gambler.

    Now if you want to go from gambler to insane, how about this: Bazooka Joe will lead his squad to have penalties on fewer that 50% of snaps.

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