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Because Cleveland.


Raw Data – Steelers on the Road, vs teams that finished .500 or worse, 2007 thru 2016

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In order to get a result, for how the team has done in the Tomlin Era, on the road, vs teams that were .500 or worse the week that Pittsburgh played them, I would have to go game by game for 9 seasons plus.
However, when reviewing road games versus teams that finished that season with a record of .500 or worse, a pattern does emerge.
From 2007 through 2011, Tomlin’s teams were 18-7 in these circumstances.
From 2012 through a partial 2016, Tomlin’s teams are 9-11 in the same.
In 2012, they were 0-4. 2013: 2-3. 2014: 4-2. 2015: 3-1. 2016: 0-1

Entire Data Table below the break

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They’re Baaaaaaaack!

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*Hi Ricky! Alas, this is the last flight of the Bumblebees. *sniff* (my eyes are sweating)

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Wait. What? Must be a Walsh Imposter

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Wife must’ve hacked his account


Steelers’ “Very Tame By Comparison To The Rest” Color Rush Uniforms

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week-16 week-16-ii

[Edit by Copanut: Side by side with previous throwback]


In Ozzie They Trust

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2016 Baltimore Ravens Skill Positions

Presented without commentary

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Except that Ricky has no fashion sense.

Cam on Bumblebee

AB on Bumblebee

2016 Schedule

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Steelers 2016 Schedule

Complaints About Rooneys Being Cheap?

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Top 6 Teams In Free Agent Spending The Last 10 Years

top 6 teams in free agent spending last 10 yrs