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Not Ready for Prime time players

Posted by on Tuesday, 10 September, 2019

Mike Walsh – Fantasy Camp Warrior

Posted by on Tuesday, 18 June, 2019

Immaculate Deception

Posted by on Friday, 22 December, 2017


Posted by on Tuesday, 7 February, 2017

[Edit – Copanut’s response:]

Suck it, rednecks!

Who doesn’t love Crabs ?

Posted by on Thursday, 1 May, 2014


The full view

Posted by on Friday, 25 April, 2014

[Edit: T&A shots off of the front page, please. Some of us have wives and daughters who read this site…]

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Here we go Steelers !

Posted by on Wednesday, 23 April, 2014

Here we go Steelers

Why I love Golf

Posted by on Thursday, 3 April, 2014

I love golf

For Benni

More Cruise Pics

Posted by on Wednesday, 19 March, 2014


Malsor and a some OLD Stillers on shore excursion – I think thats Jack Ham to his right

Thank you SI

Posted by on Friday, 24 January, 2014

50 years of bliss  .. check them all out


Kate Cover Babette cover

2013                                                                      1964