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How Sweet It Is!!!

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It’s Kinda Like That……

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Git you some!!!

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Beer Pornography

Just released here today. Able to score two 4-packs through contacts and just finished one bottle. How good is it? Empty bottles are selling for $17 on EBay:

Quick background:

Sorry to take up precious posting space but this is as alluring to me as Kate Upton is to Earl.

Seriously, find it… buy it… drink it. You’ll be glad you did.





Posted by on Saturday, 4 February, 2017

I have seen a lot of hate spewed in recent days about a man who is a constant winner and overachiever, but those traits are exactly what the people who support him like about him. Yes, he’s been caught in some lies, he has twisted the truth, and he has even attested to his own “facts.” Yet he is still out there proving his haters wrong time after time.

Some people are just jealous of someone who is successful and has tons of money. Throw in a hot foreign exotic model by his side and they hate even more. You may not have wanted him in his role, but he’s there now and there’s nothing any of us can do about it.

I know it will just get worse over the next several days, but like it or not, Tom Brady is in the Super Bowl.


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How Dallas Cowboy Fans Are Spending Their Bye Week

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This never gets old.. Tag a Cowboys fan ??

Posted by JDOTCDOUBLEE on Monday, October 24, 2016

Just How Confident Are The New England Patriots This Weekend?

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