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Not Ready for Prime time players

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And now…

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Bell and AB: But… but… but… it was all Ben’s fault!!

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2019 Steelers “Not so predictable” Predictions

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For fun, I figure we can make some “different” predictions here for the upcoming season. 3 each…Good luck!

Here are mine

  1. Zach Banner will catch a TD pass
  2. Mason Rudolph will start 2 games (hopefully the last game)
  3. Terrell Edmunds will make the ProBowl

2019 Season Predictions

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Well I think we’ve seen enough of preseason to stake out our positions regarding season results, so let’s get to it.

It’s that time of year where Steel Ballers put their reputations on the line to make their season predictions. Let me remind you of the rules of engagement:


  1. Lowest score wins.
  2. Points are based on accuracy. An exact prediction yields zero points.
  3. Categories include:
    • Final regular season record for each AFCN team.
    • Divisional positioning of AFCN teams.
    • Number of Steelers playoff wins (first round bye counts as a win)
  4. Tie breaker: first, accuracy of game-by-game predictions, then earliest submission

If you are too lazy to provide predictions in any of the above categories, you will get maximum points for that category.

Predictions will be accepted until Midnight ET September 7. You may change your predictions up until that time without penalty.

Good luck!

Non-Football Related

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RIP Darryl Drake

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Friday Night Lights

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An offseason non-football post

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From an author who apparently wishes to remain anonymous.

Don’t mess this up for America

Democrats have one job in 2020: Beating Donald Trump. Nothing else matters. If progressives manage to mess this up by insisting on hard-left positions and ideological purity, they will own Trump’s second term. There is a time and a place for everything. When the ship is sinking and you find yourself in a lifeboat, you don’t argue about where you want to go, you head for the nearest land. Further travel arrangements can wait until you’re back in civilization.

The 2020 election is not a normal election. It isn’t going to be about progressives and conservatives. It’s going to be about those who believe America’s democratic institutions are more important than the politics of the day and those who are willing to wreck them for short-term political gain. We who choose to stand with our democratic institutions need to keep our eye on the prize. We can’t afford the self-indulgence of standing on principle and going down in glorious defeat.

Or rather, we must all stand on one overriding principle, that we must install someone with respect for the rule of law and reverence for our constitutional system of government as the next president of the United States. That will require compromise from all of us. The bridge is long and narrow, but cross it we must.