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  1. Avatar photo BGINTN

    I must say I like the new format…it also solves the NSFW issues…

    • Avatar photo cerone

      What’s up with the new format? How do you create a new message as opposed to just a reply? No submit comment button. Go Steelers

      • Avatar photo abennihana

        cerone, you just type in the window above and then hit ENTER on your keyboard. There is no submit button.

  2. Avatar photo abennihana

    I must say, I miss Earl’s posts with the scantily clad ladies.
    Kidding, I can check the other page for those. I do intend to write a salary cap assessment prior to the start of free agency. I can make the regulars aware of my amateur GM evaluation of the Steelers’ cap over here.

    • copanut

      Given that Sound Off is no longer in the right pane, I’ve moved up the “Recent Posts” section up above the “Poll” section, so hopefully that will help – it let’s you see at a glance when there is a new post available on the home page.

      Looking forward to your salary cap erudition.

      • Avatar photo abennihana

        Thanks. I’m also going to share a piece I wrote a few years ago that takes NASCAR, and it’s fans, to task.

        • Avatar photo steelerfan58

          I can’t wait for my trip to the woodshed Ben!!

          • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

            Speaking of that, 58, I did the racing experience thing at Charlotte a couple of weeks ago–if you ever get the opportunity, it’s a friggin ball!

      • Avatar photo steelerfan58

        Copa again you have gone above and beyond. Thank you so much my friend!

  3. Avatar photo tobiathan

    I realize that this site is a labor of love and appreciate it but this board drives me bonkers at times…

    • Avatar photo tobiathan

      Having said that- i’m really truly grateful that this place exists. Since it is a labor of love I think it’s only right of me to offer to help any way I can. My schedule is usually very flexible and i’d be happy to do whatever- reach me at tobymay at verizon dot net. – t

  4. Joe Payne

    V. Jackson- illegal driving motor vehicle- 3 games, T.Prior-NCAA illegal benefits- 5games, B.Belecheck-spygate- none, S.Payton-bountygate- 1year,J.Haslam-federal fraud- none, R.Rice -knockout domestic violence- 2 games. Goodell is a joke and not close to being fair to all teams and WOMEN! Hey King Goodell make sure all the players are wearing pink in Oct. for womens breast cancer! You phoney!

  5. Ryan Alderman


    • Steelers252006

      Me again. I’ve been trying to sign up but can’t get the site to email my password. And suggestions? Just read the Shane Ray news, not sure what to make of it or how it will affect our spot at 22, but it sucks! Maybe a stud wide receiver in the first round isn’t such a bad idea, I was really hoping for Bud Dupree myself.

      • Steelers252006

        Shane Ray, if he falls, would be more worth the risk than Gregory imo. Curious to see how this all shakes out.

  6. Avatar photo cerone

    Go Steelers! Like the new format. It will take a mighty team effort to beat the Ratbirds tonight. Go Steelers. Get to Flacco and generate some running game tonight!

    • Avatar photo copanut

      There’s no new format… not sure what you mean. I think you are submitting a comment on this post rather than up above in the Sound Off chat.

  7. Wilson

    Tried to log in. Did password reset and never recvd an email.

  8. saneman2

    Do we have to log into to chat?

    My login is messed up on this

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