Me, facing the prospect of the offseason.

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How many weeks until the draft?

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    His best moment on Barney Miller was the episode where Wojo’s girlfriend laced some brownies with pot and the entire squad, except Barney, had partaken. The young criminal that Fish had apprehended claimed Fish was leaping from rooftop to rooftop in pursuit. When Fish finally finds out the brownies had pot in them, his reply was something like: “The one day of my life when I finally feel good, and it has to be illegal.”

    I can’t hear the lyrics “She’s got Bette Davis eyes” without singing in my head “She’s got Abe Vigoda ears.”

    Now you will, also.


    RIP, Tessio.

  3. abennihana

    Phil Fish. Respect.

  4. copanut

    What’s amazing about this most wonderful actor is that he is in his mid-50’s in that picture but he played up the part like he was older than that. That was the comedy angle, that Fish was old and miserable and wanting to retire but unable to do so, always going to the bathroom, etc.

    Who could have ever believed Fish would live on for another 40 years?

    Well now I’m that age, wanting to retire but unable to do so, but that’s where the similarity ends. I’m not miserable and don’t go to the bathroom all the time, and I’d like to think I look ten years younger than he did. What do you want to bet I drop dead in 10 years? Oh, the irony.

    Oh yeah, a couple of other differences between us: he was funny as hell, he could act, and he had lots of fans.

    RIP Abe.

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