Mock Me…if you will…

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Round 1 Pick No. 24: Najee Harris, RB, Alabama

Round 2 Pick No. 55: Pat Freiermuth, TE, Penn State

Round 3 Pick No. 87: Quinn Meinerz. C, Wisconsin–Whitewater

Round 4 Pick No. 129: Asante Samuel Jr., CB, Florida St.

Round 4 Pick No. 140: Myron Cunningham, T, Arkansas

Round 6 Pick No. 216: Tarron Jackson, EDGE, Coastal Carolina

Round 7 Pick No. 246: Khyiris Tonga, DT, BYU

Round 7, Pick No. 255: Tuf Boreland, LB, OSU

UDFA: Divine Deablo, S, Virginia Tech

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  1. copanut2

    Alright, here is mine:

    1/24 – Najee Harris, RB, Alabama
    2/55 – Creed Humphrey, C, Oklahoma
    3/88 – Best TE available in this order:

    Pat Freirmuth, TE, PSU
    Brevin Jordan, TE, Miami
    Hunter Long, TE, BC

    4/129 – Ambry Thomas, CB, Michigan
    4/140 – Jordan Smith, OLB, UAB
    6/216 – Tony Fields II, ILB/S, WV
    7/246 – Josh Ball, T, Marshall
    7/255 – Shemar Jean-Charles, DB, App St.
    (Alternate because I like his name: Divine Deablo, DB, VaTech)

    • copanut2

      Same as above, except:

      – Since the TEs mentioned will probably be gone for 3/88, instead I’ll take Tremble at that spot. A good blocking TE would be a fine addition. Ebron can catch in obvious passing downs, and if they bring back Jesse he can be a competent hybrid guy.

      – I’ll officially go for Divine Deablo for that final pick. I like his potential and he’s a Virginia kid which always gets Tomlin’s attention.

  2. Earl

    Round 1 pick 24 – Travis Etienne , RB Clemson
    Round 2 pick 55 – Brevin Jordan , TE Miami
    Round 3 pick 88 – Liam Eichenberg , OT Notre Dame
    Round 4 pick 129 – Patrick Jones – LB – Pittsburgh
    Round 4 pick 140 – Asante Samuel Jr- CB – Florida State
    Round 6 pick 216 – Baron Browning – ILB Ohio State
    Round 7 pick 246 – Khyiris Tonga -DT BYU
    Round 7 pick 255 – Joe Sculthrope C/G NC State

  3. Eleven

    1/24 Teven Jenkins, OT, Oklahoma State

    2/55 Josh Myers, C, OSU

    3/87 Trevor Sermon, RB OSU

    4/128 Tommy Tremble, TE, BC

    4/140 Monty Rice, ILB, Georgia

    6/216 Shaka Toney, EDGE, PSU

    7/245 Brandon Stephens, CB, SMU

    7/254 Damar Hamlin, S, Pitt

    • Eleven

      My mistake, Trey Sermon. Trevor Sermon played little league baseball with my son.

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