Hall of Champions

The original purpose of this site was to have a place for insufferable all of we insufferable braggarts to post our draft and season predictions for posterity. In that spirit, here is a running history of which members have produced the most accurate predictions.

Significance to the world? None. Significance to the egos of petty people? Considerable.

Here are our historical champions:

2013 Season: (tie) malsor, Bill S, jeffmi

2014 Season: (tie) steelerfan58, bgintn, Tuskegee_Brown

2015 Draft: copanut

2015 Season: copanut

2016 Draft: copanut

2016 Season: army01

2017 Season: walsh26

2018 Draft: walsh26

2018 Season: malsor

2019 Draft: Earl


2 Responses to “Hall of Champions”

  1. Avatar photo abennihana

    The entire 2015 season & 2016 draft have an asterisk. *Copa cheated.

    • Avatar photo copanut

      Fake news. No collusion. No obstruction.

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