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Trump scares the hell out of a toddler.

Oddly, this kid’s hair was laying flat only moments before.

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  1. Avatar photo abennihana

    Other crap? Anyone for other crap?

  2. Avatar photo copanut

    So according to the RNC, the Trump campaign specifically requested that the Republican platform should remove a clause pledging weapons to the Ukraine to defend themselves from Russian invasion.

    One week later, Russia releases hacked emails on the eve of the Democratic convention specifically intended to damage Trump’s opponent and timed for maximum damage.

    Does this not stink of treasonous quid pro quo? Putin tells Donald or his surrogate that he has emails that will damage Clinton, and he will release them provided the Trump campaign gets the Republicans to back off of Ukraine as a sign of good faith.

    Yeah, it might not have happened that way. It could all be incredible coincidence. But I’m trying to figure out why else Trump would suddenly take an interest in some platform policy detail when he has not shown any particular knowledge or interest in the Ukraine or any other detail.

  3. Avatar photo abennihana

    Trump’s response to this was hilarious. He offered no factual nor substantive dispute any of it.

    In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on the ABC News program “This Week,” Mr. Trump said that if he were president, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia would not send his forces into Ukraine. He then backpedaled when Mr. Stephanopoulos pointed out that Russian troops had been there for nearly two years.

    “He’s not going into Ukraine, O.K., just so you understand,” Mr. Trump, the Republican nominee, said when the issue came up. “He’s not going to go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want.”

    “Well, he’s already there, isn’t he?” Mr. Stephanopoulos interrupted.

    “O.K., well, he’s there in a certain way,” Mr. Trump replied. “But I’m not there. You have Obama there. And frankly, that whole part of the world is a mess under Obama with all the strength that you’re talking about and all of the power of NATO and all of this. In the meantime, he’s going away. He take — takes Crimea.”

    • Avatar photo tobiathan

      Although unofficially there are known to be Russians in the Ukraine none are uniformed in Russian Federation uni’s. Plausible deniabilty i think. It sounds like Trump is simply expressing confidence that “official” Russian intervention a’la Georgia, South Ossetia et al.

  4. Avatar photo abennihana

    The thing is, Trump’s supporters, for the most part aren’t really Trump supporters. They’re Hillary haters and they couldn’t find anyone better in that pathetic excuse for a pool of candidates that the GOP put up for POTUS.

    • Avatar photo copanut

      That’s a poor excuse. Kasich was polling 10 points ahead of Hillary, so if your goal was just to beat her anyone with an IQ above Vontaze Burfict should have voted for Kasich instead of Trumplethinskin.

      • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

        Whatever the excuses are for whom someone voted for are far and wide, such as those who voted for Hillary, knowing full and well she has been confirmed as a lying, deceiving, crooked –insert adjective here– who is only running because it’s her turn….they all have their reasons.

  5. Avatar photo abennihana

    If Trump and Putin are colluding, it’s back channel communication at the furthest levels away from both men.
    I don’t think Trump or anyone close to him would communicate with Russia.
    The former ambassador to Russia under Bush said as much. He said it was very unlikely that the Russians were actually colluding with Trump, but that Putin’s platform and goals are more closely aligned with Trump’s and Clinton’s would be viewed as far from Putin’s.

  6. Avatar photo copanut

    New CNN/ORC poll has Clinton up by 9 points over Trump. That’s a 12 point convention bump from a week ago. Trump had better beg Russia for some more emails ’cause he’s sinking like a stone.

  7. Avatar photo abennihana

    Hey Earl! Definitely not safe for work. Melania Trumps nudie pics. http://nypost.com/2016/08/01/melania-trumps-girl-on-girl-photos-from-racy-shoot-revealed/

    • Avatar photo copanut

      Okay, for equal time don’t forget to post the Bill Clinton nudies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LttX4xoKzg

    • Avatar photo Earl

      I knew I liked her

      • Avatar photo copanut

        I guess the nipples are blurred out because the viewers of that site are sensitive and caring.

        • Avatar photo tobiathan

          Or just a-skeert of titties…

    • Avatar photo Earl

      Just follow the money . Usually find a crook at the end of the trail 🙂

      • Avatar photo abennihana

        Just like Wall Street with Obama. When it became clear that he might win, they made sure they owned both parties. The game is rigged. Anyone who has any illusions about Hillary’s sincerity is fooling themselves. Trump may scare me more, but it’s because he is a complete unknown and his platform has no substance. The only thing he has clearly stated is that he is going to renegotiate the national debt, “give them half”. If people really believed he could pull that off, I think he would get elected. I don’t believe he can.
        The programs he has suggested (replace ACA, cut taxes, leave other entitlements in place, repay social security loans) would cost $30 Trillion over 10 years. He has no idea how he’s going to pay for it and neither do I.
        This election is a giant shit sandwich.

        • Avatar photo copanut

          “but it’s because he is a complete unknown”

          Utter bullshit on that one. Trumplethinskin is extremely well known. The people who are delusional are those that think he is putting on a show and will suddenly become “presidential”. He is well known to be not only ignorant about domestic and foreign policy, but absolutely uninterested in them as well. He is well known to be an epic narcissist, well known to be sociopathic, well known as a pathological liar, well known as a fraud and con artist, well known as a user and abuser of the system, well known (and by his own admission) to have the same temperament that he had in the first grade, well known as physically abusive… the list goes on. Best case scenario is he sits on his throne admiring himself, and lets Pence and Congress run the show. Worst case is he tries to get actively involved and in so doing destroys world order.

          I’m not even mildly interested in discussing Hillary. Frankly, she’s irrelevant. She’ll function adequately as a conventional public servant and will operate within the norms of government as defined by the Constitution. She doesn’t excite me nor does she scare me. I understand that she is “flexible” in her decisions based on navigating the power structure of Washington, a trait that can be useful and can be sickening at the same time. I acknowledge that she will make some mistakes and probably have a few scandals, probably minor ones and probably blown all out of proportion by the opposition as usual. This is very conventional stuff. Boring. Don’t care. She’s adequate, and that’s good enough in this race.

          “The only thing he has clearly stated is that he is going to renegotiate the national debt, ‘give them half’ ” – and that, all by itself, is instantly disqualifying. The ‘them’ who will get ‘half’ are you and me. We are the bondholders who lend money to the government so it can operate. Even if you don’t own bonds directly, they are the underpinning of the financial system and provide stability to little things like business, banking, retirement funds, and, well, everything. To say the government will only honor its bondholders with pennies on the dollar would instantly destroy modern civilization. Donald cannot treat the world financial system like he treats his businesses. When he stiffs his contractors, he “only” hurts a small group of people. If the government stiffs its bondholders, it effects everyone and everything, and the game is over.

          Look, if you’re a Republican, it’s time to admit that your party fucked up and stop supporting a psychopath for president. Vote for other Republicans down the ballot, but do the right thing and vote for someone other than Trump. You’ll have another shot in four years to make a choice that isn’t batshit insane.

          Country must come before party. I’m an independent and have never been a member of a political party, and EXACTLY for this reason. I will never sign up to an ideology or platform constructed by other people that may contain planks that I find repugnant, and I never will vote for a psychopath merely because he has the right letter after his name. Just be honest about this: if Trump, unchanged in every other way, were to be running as a Democrat or an independent, you would never in a million years vote for him and you know it. Don’t. Be. A. Moron.

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            Dude, I never said that I thought “…he is putting on a show and will suddenly become “presidential”
            What I was saying is his platform is rhetoric, bluster and false promises that precede a “believe me”. What astounds me is how the fuck anyone could buy it.
            There is no, zero, nada substance to anything he has promised. Nothing. His platform is a complete unknown. Those personal qualities you mention; yeah, I agree.

          • Avatar photo copanut

            I didn’t mean to imply that YOU were saying he can become presidential. That’s been the mantra of Ryan and others, but at some point they have to wake up to the fact that he is what he is (a pile of shit) and proud of it. He’s not going to change. In fact, today he came out and said he does not endorse Ryan, McCain, and others who have endorsed him so he has declared civil war on the GOP.


            BTW, it isn’t just that he has no substance to his promises. His ideas, such as they are, are very dangerous. If they were only of no substance that would be an improvement.

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            Saw that. He really believes that he is leading a political revolution like the one that Bernie started within the Dem party, doesn’t he? His ego knows no bounds and that quality alone is what makes him not only dangerous, but vulnerable.
            His shtick gets play. If he could refine it and “appear” presidential, he could win. Scary, but also true.
            I don’t think he has a chance. I think we’re going to have 4 years of Clinton fighting with Congress and accomplishing nothing. I guess that’s better than the alternative, but she sucks too.

          • Avatar photo tobiathan

            So i’m confused- you’d rather have Hillary? Or are you just disgusted overall?

            I don’t get giving Hillary a flyer on her failures while attributing future failures to Trump b/c……MSM?

            Pick a horse and place your bet; what need of debating it?

          • Avatar photo tobiathan

            And yet, sadly, our only other real option is Her.

            I, for one, welcome my new orange-flavored, hair-helmeted leader: The Donald.

            And i AM a bona fide Trump supporter; I get giddy at the prospect of him infuriating duplistic Leftists worldwide.

            Americans NEVER like their Presidents until AFTER they leave often (except for Our Magic Man Barry).

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            Tobi, I think they both suck and am actually rooting for the Giant Meteor. That said, if I had my druthers, it would be Gary Johnson. Alas, he doesn’t stand a snow ball’s chance in hell.

  8. Avatar photo copanut

    “I trust she can lead. All Republicans may not like the direction, but they can live to win or lose another day with a real candidate.” – Rep. Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.) announcing he will vote for Hillary Clinton.

    • Avatar photo copanut

      “Republicans are at a moment where silence isn’t an option.” – Maria Comella, longtime aid to shameless sycophant Chris Christie, on her decision to vote for Clinton

  9. Avatar photo copanut

    The list of shame:

    US Presidents, VPs, and nominees endorsing Hillary Clinton
    Barack Obama
    Bill Clinton
    Jimmy Carter
    Joe Biden
    John Kerry
    Al Gore
    Michael Dukakis

    US Presidents Endorsing Donald Trump

    Republican Presidents/ Nominees Refusing to Endorse Donald Trump
    George W. Bush
    George HW Bush
    Mitt Romney

    Nominees and VPs Endorsing Donald Trump
    Dan Quayle
    Sarah Palin
    Dick Cheney
    John McCain (but already regretting it)

    Foreign Strongmen Endorsing Donald Trump
    Vlad Putin
    Kim Jung Un
    Rodrigo Duterte

    • Avatar photo abennihana

      Dude. Dan Quayle? That really is disappointing. Quayle wasn’t a genius, but is a very decent person. When he went on his rant about family values and the demise of parenting in the United States, I loved it. People twisted it into statement about race. It wasn’t. Shitty parenting transcends race, gender, age and community lines.

      • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

        The whole potato’e’ thing did him in….

  10. Avatar photo copanut

    Trump is griping that the debates are “rigged” by Clinton because two of them coincide with NFL games on a Sunday night and Monday night. This of course is nonsense because candidates are not consulted about the debate schedule, they all agreed to it a year in advance, and the NFL schedule was not available until several months later.

    But I thought I’d spend five minutes on research to see just how important the scheduling is. Monday Night Football averages about 14 million viewers. Sunday Night Football averages about 21.5 million viewers. There are approximately 215 million eligible voters. This means the football games will impact between 6.5% and 10% of voters, so 90% – 93.5% will not be impacted.

    Further most games are watched primarily by the fans of the two teams involved. The first game is Atlanta vs New Orleans. Georgia and Louisiana are solid red states unlikely to be swayed to blue. The second game is NY Giants vs Green Bay. New York and Wisconsin are solid blue states unlikely to be swayed to red.

    In other words, the football games are unlikely to have any measurable impact on Donald Trump’s candidacy one way or the other, so he’ll need to find another excuse to skip the debates.

  11. Avatar photo ChicoSteelersFan

    I cannot wait for the debates, Trump will be insane! Then the Saturday night lives should be super fun! I’m not a Hillary fan but I don’t hate her and I bet she’s going to attack him hard and bait him into treating her a women like shit and BOOM!! there goes the election for trummpy!! Lol! Good TV

    • Avatar photo kalel1199

      I have two aunts that are trump humpers….if somebody wants to tell me that Hillary C is a C and not fit….fine, give me your argument and sway me…but all these folks that try to push that oompa loompa looking asshat as a viable alternative are fucking crazy…I saw this morning that he’s interested in putting his daughter in as a cabinet member…

      • Avatar photo Earl

        Did you read the news Kale ? That bitch is crooked as they get. The media just ignores her sketchy past because Trump is so bad . Her email issue alone is enough to disqualify her.

      • Avatar photo abennihana

        “Trump Humpers” LMAO! That was a new one.
        “Trumpkins” is one I hear all the time.

        • Avatar photo Earl

          I think Hillary Rotten Clinton supporters are called Clintonites

      • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

        I’m not going to try to sway anyone–some people cannot be swayed and I’m not a salesman. However, I can honestly say that I have voted for each of the major parties in the past, based on who I simply thought was the better option for the particular office. One of two things is true of Hillary: she’s either a lying, destructive, manipulative cunt wagon who has no regard for the national security and the supporting components, or she’s too ignorant to know how to safeguard America’s secrets. Either way, it’s not someone I want walking past a silo and saying “ooh, what’s this button do?” She’s only interested in telling people what they want to hear in order to get her in the big chair and she’s offered me absolutely no faith that she’ll help me and my family

  12. Avatar photo Earl

    This doesn’t include the last ten years of her bullshit

    • Avatar photo copanut

      Well, we’ll have a chance to dump her in 2020 if she’s as bad as you think. For now, the only priority is saving the nation from Fucknutty McOrangenstein.

      • Avatar photo Earl

        She’s worse than we think . I’m not sure how anyone could okay with her . You need to rethink who you are saving yourself from

        • Avatar photo copanut

          I’m not sure how you completely miss the point that there is no alternative. If Republicans force Trump out, or else massively defect to the Libertarian party, then there might be a viable alternative for me to consider. Otherwise, it will be Madame President.

          70% of surveyed Republicans want Trump to drop out of the race, two weeks after the dumbshits installed him as nominee. You can’t make this stuff up: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/insiders-to-trump-drop-out-226689

          I spent a fair amount of time over the past year begging Republicans to dump Trump and support someone sane like Kasich, for which I was subjected to all kinds of abuse. Kasich was the ONLY contender consistently beating Hillary in the polls, and he got the LEAST attention from GOP primary voters, so it rings a little hollow to hear them crying about Hillary now. This is one stunningly stupid group of people who brought on their own misery and deserve everything they are going to get.

          • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

            I think Cruz would have had a shot if he didn’t come across as such a snake oil salesman….every time he said something, I wanted to say “yeah, but what’s the rub?”

  13. Avatar photo abennihana

    Bill had “It’s the Economy, Studid.”

    Hillary has this; it’s what this election comes down to and how she’s going to get elected.
    “For now, the only priority is saving the nation from Fucknutty McOrangenstein.”

    • Avatar photo Earl

      Looks like my upside down flag will be making an appearance

      • Avatar photo kalel1199

        you need to give what I wrote a re-read earl….I’m not t(r)olling the virtues of HC….simply stating that a pompus meatbag asshat with no discernible political savvy, decency or self awareness isn’t a good alternative

        • Avatar photo kalel1199

          I sort of take this back….after rereading what you say

          • Avatar photo Earl

            This site is full of Clintonites . So blinded by hating Trump they cant see the real evil . I do not like Trump. I despise Hillary Clinton

          • Avatar photo copanut

            That’s one way to look at it. Another would be to swap the names around, like this: “So blinded by hating Clinton they cant see the real evil . I do not like Clinton. I despise Trump.”

            Reasonable people can make a legitimate case to dislike each candidate, which usually revolves around their dishonesty.

            The difference is this: in addition to being dishonest (and far more dishonest in my opinion), Trump also is incompetent, uninterested in becoming competent, inexperienced, thin-skinned at a comical level, and displays sociopathic characteristics such as a complete lack of empathy for other human beings. He also is juvenile, uncouth, trades on fear, racism, and division, sucks up to Vladimir Putin, and has the worst hair I’ve ever seen.

            You simply cannot create a credible list of negatives for Hillary that is anywhere near as long as the list for Trump. No matter how hard you try, his list will always be longer, and by a big margin.

            Even in terms of lying, he has her beat. Did you see his lie the last couple days about the alleged Iranian video? There were more lies in one sentence than Hillary has told all year. It’s unbelievable if you can’t see this.

            He said the video he saw was shot in Iran (false – Geneva), by Iranians (false), it was “top secret” (false), a military tape (false), provided by Iran (false), to embarrass the United States (false). He implied the money was ransom (false) and paid in cash so it couldn’t be traced (false).

            If you are keeping track, absolutely nothing that he said was true. His staff agreed that it was false and that Trump was wrong, and then the very next day he repeated it all again! How can his followers be so dense? It’s really hard to understand.

            You also can’t take the above and pretend that I’m praising Clinton because I said nothing praising her, and yet you probably will.

            Furthermore, this is all Republican’s damned fault! It’s ridiculous for Republicans to attack people like me for voting for Clinton when Republicans deliberately delivered the worst candidate for POTUS in the history of the country despite people like me begging them not to do it. Don’t expect me to acquiesce to this monstrosity that would, at best, make a mess of the country, and at worst destroy our Democracy and possibly Western Civilization.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            Wow – you have way too much energy . The part about no credible list of negatives about Hillary is laughable. Surely you don’t really believe that. Trump is a smoke screen for her . They are both chronic liars. You only choose to attack Trump . That’s my point . Sure, he’s an easy target. Do you think Hillary Clinton gives two shits about you ? She is a pompous ass self absorbed liar who presents herself as a humble public servant. The jokes on anyone fooled by her rhetoric. History will not be kind to her. This is really a sad time for all of us. We have to choose between dumb and dumber.

          • Avatar photo copanut

            Come on Earl. I did NOT say there was no credible list of negatives about Hillary. I said the opposite. I only pointed out that her list is much shorter than his.

            “You simply cannot create a credible list of negatives for Hillary that is anywhere near as long as the list for Trump.”

            In my opinion, this is beyond dispute. But it’s a free country and you can vote for an sociopathic imbecile if you really want to.

            “She is a pompous ass self absorbed liar who presents herself as a humble public servant.” Okay, fine. Trump is also a pompous ass self absorbed liar. The difference is that he doesn’t even pretend to be humble and certainly has no intention of being a public servant, so once again proving he is WORSE by far. I’ll take a simple pompous ass over a thin-skinned strongman would-be dictator, without a question.

          • Avatar photo copanut

            But you are right about one thing – I can be too long-winded. Can’t help myself sometimes. That’s when I turn to the Steelers for a sanity check.

          • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

            So what’s more important, the length of the list or the impact of the items on it? Safeguarding America’s secrets and ensuring the safety of the human race seems kind of important to me. Some of those on the other side would have the same reaction as you: how can her followers be so dense? I for one do not believe that HRC is the lesser of two evils–which is basically what this comes down to.

          • Avatar photo copanut

            I get it that some people just hate her, full stop.

            But Trump has zero redeeming qualities, understands nothing, cares about nobody, AND is a would-be authoritarian emperor who thinks POTUS is a dictatorial position. I don’t see how anyone can support that. It just boggles the mind.

            I’m watching his economic speech right now, which of course he is reading from a teleprompter. Remember when he said anyone who uses a teleprompter is an idiot? Anyway, he’s really bad at doing it. You see his squinty little eyes trying to focus on the left or right, while he reads sentences that are more complex than anything he can do extemporaneously. Then at the end of the sentence, he looks straight at the camera and gives a three or four word phrase to suggest that he understood what he just read. It’s so transparent. Here is one example:

            “We will be winning again. Big league.”

            On top of everything else, he’s dumb as a stump.

          • Avatar photo copanut

            “So what’s more important, the length of the list or the impact of the items on it?”

            Both, and Trump loses on both counts.

            “Safeguarding America’s secrets and ensuring the safety of the human race seems kind of important to me.”

            Yes, well we agree. What did Trump do just a couple of days ago? He boasted that he had been made privy to a “top secret” video provided by the Iranian military to embarrass the United States, and he proceeded to describe details about the alleged video.

            Whatever you can say about Clinton, she never, ever knowingly divulged any classified information to improper personnel, much less top secret level. Trump was knowingly doing so.

            Of course we know it was a lie – there was no top secret video, the video Trump saw was not showing what he said it did and it was not made by the Iranian military, it was not in Iran, and it was not released to embarrass the US. This is the kind of bullshit artist you are supporting. But the point is, he was happy to be divulging what he said was top secret information, at a campaign rally! That is felonious behavior.

            He also openly invited Russia to hack his opponent’s email and attempt to interfere with American elections and democracy. That is treason.

            As far as “safeguarding the human race”, he has openly attacked our NATO allies and undermined the alliance, while also openly praising Vladimir Putin, strongman dictator of Russia, who more sober Republicans like Bush and Romney have identified as an international menace. Even previous dipshit darling Sarah Palin raised the specter of Putin as a dangerous enemy of the United States. Now suddenly the great patriots supporting Trump are perfectly okay with Pooty.

            And Trump has suggested we should encourage more nations to join the “nuclear club”, and has openly questioned why we cannot use nukes, even in Europe if we so desire. And by the way he did not know what was meant by “Nuclear Triad”.

            If you are serious about “Safeguarding America’s secrets and ensuring the safety of the human race seems kind of important to me”, and you are supporting Trump, you have not seriously thought out your position.

            Putting Trump in control of the nuclear codes is like putting the Cleveland Browns in charge of NFL quality control, except the consequences are a bit more dire.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            OMG . How can you say say she didn’t knowingly divulge classified information? The FBI admitted she did. Oh that’s right, she didn’t mean to. Bitch got a free pass because she is predestined for the White House by the Bilderbergs.

            Putting Rotten Hillary in charge is like 4 more years of Obama, only worse. I cringe when I think of what the Supreme Court will look like. She will drive even more business out of the US and welcome in a bunch of radical Muslims and Mexicans. It’s more of the same BS that has us in the toilet we’re in. One percent Growth? No jobs, Obamacare (Wait until we get to 2018 and see how the working class is about to get bent over by the tax code attachment) Health care is not a birth right my friend.

            If you are serious about “Safeguarding America’s secrets and ensuring the safety of the human race seems kind of important to me”, and you are supporting Clinton, you have not seriously thought out your position.

          • Avatar photo copanut

            No, the FBI did not admit that she did. The FBI stated that the procedure was sloppy and that some materials that were classified passed through. This is very different from KNOWINGLY which is the standard used for prosecution and precisely what Daffy Don did when he said he was describing a top secret video in public.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            There are two types of people in the world – those with a gun, and those who dig. Now dig!

          • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

            I don’t believe I wrote anything regarding my support for Trump–but I did write I thought he was the lesser of two evils, and that’s pretty frigging bad all by itself.

            And you must know just as well as I do that the whole email scandal is further proof of a rigged two layer justice system. Comey had absolutely no business making his recommendation, as that’s not his call to make–she’s going to win the election, pardon herself, dismiss Comey from his duties (‘thanks, you’ve served your purpose, I promised you what? Silly boy, you should know by now any promise from me ain’t worth a shit’) and then we’ll all hold our breath for 4 years (probably 8)….of course if it went the other way, it’s likely a very similar result—but I have a better shot at getting what I want….though that’s admittedly rather selfish

          • Avatar photo copanut

            In a normal election I just shrug my shoulders and say it doesn’t matter much who wins. Even if one is worse than the other, we can usually count on the gridlock built into our system of separation of powers to keep things from getting too out of hand.

            Alas this is not a normal election. As I’ve said many times, no matter what you might think of Clinton, she is a conventional politician and is not going to go rogue as an authoritarian dictator. Nobody who is serious can say the same about Trump. If I didn’t think he was a serious danger to the future of the country and the planet, I would not be posting like this. I certainly didn’t do it during the last election because I didn’t think either candidate was dangerous.

            Martin sheen channeling Daffy Don:


          • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

            Setting up a private email server while serving as the Sec of State, knowing full and well it was against protocol and sending/receiving classified information on that unclassified server is not considered rogue? And if the answer is that she didn’t know, then that’s better how?

            I get the ‘devil you know’ argument and in some arguments that’s a valid one–I’ll give you that with her political experience, at least we know what we’re getting–despite the cesspool that it is, at least you know it ahead of time and can mitigate…but that’s about it

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            Earl, Hating Trump does not qualify one as a Clintonite.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            A vote against Trump is a vote for Hillary .

  14. Avatar photo Earl

    Dont Ask Dont Tell

  15. Avatar photo copanut

    How do your hands compare to Donald Trump’s hands? I know you are dying to find out. Attached is an outline taken from a bronze cast of Donald’s hand at Madame Tussaud’s in New York. See how you measure up!

    I’m embarrassed to say my hands are only slightly bigger. I was hoping to beat him by at least an inch. On the other hand, at 6’3″ he’s 3″ taller than I am, so his proportions seem to be a little bit off.

    • Avatar photo Earl

      same size – go figure

  16. Avatar photo JAMESH


  17. Avatar photo copanut

    This letter, signed by 50 Republican national security experts, concludes “We are convinced that in the Oval Office, he would be the most reckless President in American history.”


    I’d like one of the Trump apologists to explain this away as liberal media propaganda.

    • Avatar photo Earl

      That sounds like some CNN bullshit conjured up by some Clintonite

      • Avatar photo abennihana

        The thing is, someone you disagreeing with digging it up doesn’t make it untrue.

      • Avatar photo copanut

        Ah, well then I’m sure the 50 people named as signatories will disavow it. If they don’t, you’ll have their answer until you drum up some other form of denial.

      • Avatar photo copanut

        So I just checked, and the following news outlets are reporting on the 50 Republican security experts’ disavowal of Trump, all as the top or second from top headline:

        NY Times
        Washington Post
        LA Times
        ABC News
        NBC News
        CBS News

        The following news outlets do not have the story anywhere on their web site:

        Fox News

        Now why would the propaganda wing of the Republican party be afraid to post a letter signed by 50 Republican security experts? Is it because it is not newsworthy?

        If that group of 50 had come out slamming Hillary, would Fox have published it? Doyathink? Certainly the others would have.

        Fair and balanced, my ass.

        • Avatar photo Earl

          It works both ways Copa . The rags you listed are full on attack mode against Trump.

          Those “experts” you listed are not true Republicans. They are assholes with an ax to grind. They are turning their back on the Party and letting Rotten Hillary waltz into the White House ( God help us all ) Fuck those traders

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            This kind of bullshit is how McCain was labeled leftist. Which is complete bullshit. Tow the fucking Tea Party line or you are clearly “not a true GOP’er and have an axe to grind”.
            THAT attitude along with blind loyalty to whatever is being fed to the masses by Fox News and Breitbart is why I am no longer a Republican.
            If you think for yourself, you’re bad. If you have an education, you’re clearly an elitist looking down your nose at the “common people” and so you are bad. Bad people are to always, without exception be ignored, their views disavowed because they spoke them. It’s like a pissing match between elementary school girl cliques.
            This philosophy of alienation and isolation with the end game being surrounding yourself with an echo chamber is both self defeating and deluded. The GOP has lost touch with reality and is in denial. Until that goes away, the Republican Party will never win another major election. Fucking evolve already. You’re moving backward GOP!

          • Avatar photo copanut

            Ah yes, the ol’ “RINO” defense. So and so is not a “true” Republican. Or not a “true” conservative. Same kind of thing as when a thousand different Christians argue about how the other 999 aren’t “true” Christians. None of these things have clear definitions, but people of this mindset don’t do nuance. Nuance is weakness. One must meet their personal definition of purity – which is really funny when you consider there is absolutely nothing Republican or conservative about Trump.

            Here’s an example of the echo chamber in full display. During the last election, one of the memes was that Romney could not possibly be losing because his cause was righteous, so the polls must be skewed in favor of Democrats.

            So this guy Dean Chambers created a web site and became temporarily famous for un-skewing the polls and discussing his views with absolute certitude. His site is now defunct but still can be found in archive:


            Of course he was totally wrong about everything. In the end, it turned out the polls were actually skewed in favor of Romney, but somehow the echo chamber doesn’t go back and evaluate their many failures. They just move on to the next conspiracy.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            Come up with a new line other than did you hear that on Fox News. You guys aren’t the only original thinkers on the planet.

          • Avatar photo ChicoSteelersFan

            My thoughts exactly!

  18. Avatar photo abennihana

    I am an Independent and as soon as I am motivated enough to do so, I will register as Non-Affiliated, which you can do here.
    That said, I am probably center right on the spectrum and don’t understand why the GOPers on the board are all that upset about this.
    The Dems wanted to run against Trump because they knew their candidate was not likable. In 4 years, she’ll probably be even less likable and no one from the Democratic party will run against her. If the GOP gets it’s shit together after they lose the Senate, and of course the Presidency, and returns to it’s sane roots as a center right party, they’ll gain a whole new segment of voters with which to wage a new campaign against the left, which is pulling far left.
    Trump winning the nomination, from my perspective, will create a call for Conservatives to become more rational and less inclined to pander to the far right, which by it’s nature is exclusionary, judgmental and turns off a majority of voters.
    Then all they’ll have to do is put up sane candidates that make people feel better when they speak. No magic bullet here.
    The Tea Party can then share a giant bag of dicks. I hope they fucking choke.

    • Avatar photo copanut

      The problem with the GOP regrouping itself after this fiasco is that it has been a coalition held together more by hatred/fear of Democrats than any real commonality. The tea party, which has morphed into the mindless rednecks that support Trump, has nothing in common with Evangelicals which have little in common with country club Republicans which have little in common with neocons. All four of those groups are required, plus a portion of independents, to have a winning coalition, but the current civil war has exposed the fact that there are deep rifts among the groups. I’m not sure you can put the genie back in the bottle.

      The nutty rubes are a good 30% of the base. The only way the GOP can win without them is to replace them by appealing to independents and moderate Democrats, which means they have to tamp down their talk about deregulation, tax cuts for the rich, Jesus, and interventionist warmongering. Are they willing to do that to the extent necessary to recruit a new 30%? Are they able to do it with sincerity?

    • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

      You’re probably right about that, Ben–the GOP will use this as some form a rally cry and use it as some big form of Kum Ba Yah (although that’s more of a liberal thing, you my point). Whether that was your intended message of your post or not, that’s what I see happening.

  19. Avatar photo copanut

    Earl says I hate the Donald. Wrong. That would be giving him too much credit. I deal with shysters, hucksters, frauds, and con artists pretty much every day. I help little old ladies and other innocent people who are shafted by con men, usually scumbags in India or Eastern Europe. These are vile, sickening people who knowingly hurt the most vulnerable people they can find, and they lie to your face as easily as they breathe.

    But I don’t “hate” them. I don’t think I can hate someone who I don’t know personally and has done nothing to me personally. Perhaps they have starving children and are desperate to find a way to feed them, stopping at almost nothing.

    While I don’t hate them, what would say is they are beneath contempt – the lowest form of scum other than murders and rapists, because in the end there is no way to reconcile their behavior with either secular ethics or religious morality. Donald is of the same ilk as these people, although vastly more successful at it.

    Anyone dumb enough to contemplate making him president ought to give serious consideration to therapy. I understand Donald because I am exposed to con men all the time. I don’t understand otherwise intelligent people like Earl who would denigrate themselves to support an unqualified sociopath for POTUS. I find it hard to get my head around that.

    • Avatar photo Earl

      I’m not all about Trump . I just think Rotten Hillary is the anti-Christ. I think both are very poor choices. I don’t think Trump is dangerous because the Prez while powerful does have checks and balances. He has stirred things up this year and I like it. I’ve actually done business with the Donald and came away without a lawsuit. His son Eric is very nice and professional. Trump is an ego maniac without question.

  20. Avatar photo copanut

    I have a serious question for Earl and other Trumpeters. In the event that the GOP forces him out and replaces him with someone else, say Mike Pence, would you vote for the replacement, or write in Trump or vote for him if he filed as an independent? I’m curious how far your loyalty goes.

    • Avatar photo Earl

      Who said I was voting for Trump?

  21. Avatar photo Earl

    With all due respect for their loss , the Khans need to stop talking. Trump is not to blame for anti-Muslim sentiment. World Wide Terrorism by Muslims are to blame for distrust and dislike. When Christians start strapping on bombs in the name of Jesus , we’ll catch some hatred too. Chill out Muslims and kick the crazy ones out. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

  22. Avatar photo tobiathan

    How can we NOT elect Trump?

    He’s OK with showing his hot MILF-wife’s boobies w/the world.

    If THAT’s not American i don’t know what is anymore.

    • Avatar photo copanut

      This is the one and only credible reason to vote Trump that I’ve seen so far. Maybe Toby should be Donald’s campaign manager.

    • Avatar photo abennihana

      A lot of the reasons we shouldn’t elect Hillary. Trump is a pompous, self important ass hat, who plays willy nilly with the truth so often that I think he actually believes his own bullshit.
      But, with The Donald, it doesn’t stop there. His campaign is one of isolationism, nativism, nationalism and fear. There is zero substance to any of his plans. None. His platform is unknown. He basically is saying, “Here’s what I’m gonna do. Put me ion power and I’ll figure it out.” This man with zero political experience whatsoever, no sense of tact or eloquence of delivery will represent us in national affairs? No fucking way.
      Worse though, his plans, although very broadly spoken when boild down to specifics are estimated to cost $30 Trillion; and that was before the latest tax cut he agreed to. He has no idea how to pay for any of it.
      Further, his plan to renegotiate the national debt by promising to “pay back half” penalizes not just foreign governments, but anyone in the US or otherwise who owns US Treasury bonds. The Donald would like the US to declare bankruptcy and thinks the world will just go on as it did before.
      Even a kid with two years of college economics courses knows better than Trump on that count.

  23. Avatar photo Earl

    So who is unfit ? Click on the image to expand

    • Avatar photo copanut

      Well let’s see. Skip the scandals that are so old I can’t even remember them and am not going to go dig it up.

      “Race relations in turmoil” – Wow, that’s something new. Seems to me it’s pretty much better than at any time in my lifetime other than a certain candidate exciting the guys in hoods and robes.

      “45 million on food stamps” – disproportionately so in red states.

      “Dangerous Iran deal” – terrible idea keeping them from nukes.

      “Terrorism on the rise” – eh, not really. Terrorism has been around for a long time. I’d say a peak was 9-11. You are way more likely to be killed by some nitwit staring at a cell phone.

      “Obamacare in shambles” – fact-free statement. It’s working as well as a Republican-created patch on a bad system could be hoped. The system is garbage but it’s still better than it was before.

      “Mideast in chaos” – Wow, that’s unique to the past eight years, never mind the previous few thousand years. And thanks so much to the PNAC neocon cabal convincing Dubya to kick over that domino by invading the wrong country, removing Iran’s biggest enemy, and installing a government whose oppression led to ISIS. Great job. Yeah, not all of us are ignorant and forgetful of actual history.

      “Worst recovery since 1949” – sure, following the worst economic collapse since 1929. Unemployment under 5%, DOW over 18,000, and a fully recovered housing market is just so awful.

      “Trump is unfit to be president”. – Yes, we agree.

      • Avatar photo Earl

        You should have your own show .. The Copa Factor – spin zone

        • Avatar photo copanut

          You can be my first guest. Bring your loofah.

        • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

          That’s the thing with stats: they can be twisted and formed to fit any narrative the presenter wants to get across.

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            “That’s the thing with stats: they can be twisted and formed to fit any narrative the presenter wants to get across.”
            Exactly. But, more importantly that kind of crap only sways the people who are already going to vote for Trump.
            Why political media don’t see this is beyond me.
            TRY AGAIN. Do better next time.

          • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

            And that’s also true. And you and I and probably everyone else on here knows full and well that some people just cannot be swayed, regardless of what the facts (not the circumstantial leaps of faith) indicate. That’s not a comment directed at either particular party–it’s at both. So to your point of swaying the ones who were going to vote for R/D anyhow–I’d go further to suggest that it only helps each to come to grips with his/her own rationale….this post offers absolutely no value to the discussion, but I feel better

  24. Avatar photo copanut

    Okay, so now this stupid sack of treasonous shit is calling for the assassination of Clinton and/or her Supreme Court justices.

    That’s one hell of a “reboot”. Big league.


    The spin of the Trump PR man:

    “But Jason Miller, Trump’s senior communications adviser, said Trump was merely talking about Second Amendment supporters large influence as a group.”

    Yeah, uhuh. And PacMan Jones is president of MENSA.

    • Avatar photo Earl

      Talk about a stretch . He wasn’t suggesting she be assassinated . He’s been criticizing her hatred of the 2nd amendment for months . It would be a waste of a bullet to shoot her .

      • Avatar photo copanut

        You are stunningly naive my friend. That is precisely what he was saying.

        Of course, it was an off-the-cuff joke. I don’t for a minute think he was actually calling for an assassination. He just has no filter on his punk mouth. He’s so used to saying whatever verbal diarrhea crosses his brain pan, and having no consequences, that he can’t contain himself even after enduring his worst week, being under a microscope, and immediately following his “reboot”.

        That’s your would-be Commander in Chief right there folks.

        • Avatar photo Earl

          Its not like the Clinton’s haven’t had people taken out . Come on Man

          • Avatar photo copanut

            Oh of course, but they do it quiet-like. You know, Bill likes his jobs to be under the table.

        • Avatar photo copanut

          By the way, that “… I dunno” that he inserts at the end is a dead giveaway. If he was talking about 2nd Amendment fans getting out to vote (as his spin doctor suggested afterward), his sentence would have been stated forcefully and ended cleanly. The whimpering out with the “I dunno” at the end is just his usual way for setting himself up to be able to weasel out of it.


  25. Avatar photo Earl

    This just in … Trump linked to Zika virus outbreak in Texas & FL

  26. Avatar photo Earl

    What do you guys think of my new truck?

  27. Avatar photo Earl

    I’m so tired of talking about those political boobs. Make sure you click on the photo to get the full enjoyment

    • Avatar photo copanut

      Let’s hope those babies don’t spring a leak. She’s apt to spin into the upper atmosphere.

  28. Avatar photo Earl

    Speaking fair and balanced .. How about a former DNC staffer linked to the Clinton email leak murdered ? Where is that on CNN or the New York Times?

    How about the Orlando Shooters Dad standing right behind Hillary ? You wont find that in the USA Today

    • Avatar photo copanut

      I read about the DNC staffer in that liberal rag, the Washington Post. It only merits national attention if it turns out to be something other than a garden variety robbery murder. The victim’s father finds the internet conspiracy theories “offensive and bizarre”, and the DC police chief says that they have no evidence of a political connection to the crime.

      Of course you can speculate anything you like including jumping to the conclusion of a political conspiracy aided and abetted by the father and the DC police. I don’t know how well you know DC, but this area where the crime occurred is pretty scuzzy. I’d probably walk there at at high noon with reasonable caution, but not alone at 4 am. The murder rate in that neighborhood is 354% higher than the national average and the robbery rate is 480% higher. Bad stuff happens there.

      As for the Orlando shooter’s dad, I saw that story on multiple MSM sites. I don’t read USA Today because I’m not sure they qualify as a professional news organization and their site design sucks, but it was on CNN and other sites.

      I’m not sure what point is being implied here anyway. I find the guy’s actions a bit weird but not politically relevant. Weird shit happens in the world daily. But lets compare apples to apples and only look at what comes out of the mouths of the candidates. For example, it would be fair game to point out that Hillary has repeatedly misrepresented the FBI’s conclusions about her email management. That legitimate offense could then be compared against the billion or so egregious lies, frauds, and lunacies issuing from The Donald’s crusty pie hole.

      • Avatar photo Earl

        Your vision is clouded my friend. How many people do you know / worked with / acquaintance have been murdered? I don’t know any. The Clinton’s though ……. that is a different story . They are like fucking gangsters. Cross the Clinton’s and you might just end up swimming with the fishes.

        If that guy was standing behind Trump you would pen a twelve page essay on how Trump hates gays and embraces the family of a killer.

        • Avatar photo copanut

          My niece was kidnapped and held for ransom by Islamic terrorists. Does that count?

          DC is a crime-ridden cesspool. There were 119 murders there last year. It happens.

          Is it possible Hillary Clinton ordered this guy to be tracked and murdered because she somehow surmised that there might have been an email leak at the DNC, this guy might have given access to the Russians, and that the Russians were about to give it to Assange who would then release it timed for the convention? Sure, it’s possible. Would make a great movie. Just produce some evidence, even just a tiny bit, before you expect me to take it seriously.

          Just curious, what would be the purpose of murdering the guy after the leak already happened? Wouldn’t simply firing him be a slightly more plausible result, as well as turning him over to the FBI for prosecution for a Federal offense? But sure, murdering him makes sense even though doing so would do nothing to get the leaked email back, and obviously it would have other blowback consequences.

          Whatever. Some people will believe anything without even thinking it through. You still waiting for Donald’s people to release their “amazing findings” from Hawaii?

          Okay, so the guy standing at the Clinton rally is creepy and inappropriate. Was he invited by Clinton? Is there some connection between her message and the warped mind of this man’s son? Weigh that man’s appearance at her rally against the white supremacists and other thugs who frequent Trump rallies, people who are openly attracted to Trump’s message (ask Grand Wizard David Duke).

          If you are going to hold Hillary accountable for that guy showing up to her rally, then hold Trump responsible for the animals that show up at his. Fair and balanced.

          • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

            I think the point Earl is making is simple and valid–if the script were flipped and this dude was standing in the background of a Trump speech, there would be no fact checking or maybe he was invited or maybe he was a big donator, etc, etc, etc….there would only be vitriol and the most hyperbolic headline imagined attached to it. It’s neither here nor there, it’s simply media bias and it all washes out.

          • Avatar photo copanut

            I don’t disagree. Ideologues on either side are not to be trusted. As for me, I’m an independent and not an ideologue and I try to be objective.

            That said, the facts don’t tend to favor the Trumpist view, and that doesn’t make the facts ideological.

        • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

          Why do think Comey made his recommendation?

    • Avatar photo abennihana

      Copa beat me to the punch. I saw both items in the Washington Post and the shooters dad in the NY Times.
      Award you no points on this one.

      • Avatar photo Earl

        If I get some extra time I’ll start fact checking you two. I guess Fox News doesn’t do as much research

        • Avatar photo abennihana

          Fox News does a shit ton of research. They just ignore the parts that might tend to disprove the positions they are trying to promote.

  29. Avatar photo abennihana

    A year ago, I posted this photo on FB. At that point, Trump being the nominee was a joke that no professional political analyst took seriously. Be sure to open the picture up to see it in all it’s glory.

  30. Avatar photo abennihana

    What this election comes down to.

  31. Avatar photo copanut

    Hugh Hewitt has a smarmy face that just begs to be punched.

    • Avatar photo JAMESH

      Skip Bayless and Mark Madden both think Hugh Hewitt is a jagoff. That’s how bad he is.

  32. Avatar photo copanut

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    Also, this is some pretty funny stuff:


  33. Avatar photo JAMESH

    Our country’s real problem is that somehow so many people have been able to ignore facts and think of Ronald Reagan as having had all the answers. The destruction of the middle class began on his watch. “Trickle On” economics has never worked as well as “Trickle Up” economics for the average American, but it sure does just fine for the top tenth of 1%. And those people have done a great PR and marketing job (snow job) convincing the bourgeois that they are being taxed too much to support the less fortunate when the truth is they are being taxed too much to support the wealthiest among us.

    • Avatar photo Earl

      President Reagan saved this Country from Economic Collapse . He inherited and fixed double digit unemployment , double digit inflation , double digit interest rates . He reduced tax rates across the board ( check 1986 tax reform) . We can also thank him for Deregulation that increased production of goods and lowered cost for everyone. The price of oil dropped 50% for example. During his term the economy grew by one third while its dropped during Obama’s reign of terror. Obama has raised taxes on Capital Gains , increased federal spending and brought back regulation. I could go on and on as I’m sure you could . We could use another Reagan way more than another Obama.

      And then there is that Cold War thing ….

      • Avatar photo JAMESH

        I’m curious how old you were when RR took office. I’m too busy to address all of your mis conceptions, but just for starters, the person responsible for getting the inflation of the early and mid seventies under control was Paul Volker. Gerald Ford and his Republican cronies took to wearing “Whip Inflation Now” buttons (Google it if you weren’t an adult then) as their most effective answer. President Carter appointed Volker as Fed Chairman with the fiat that he INTENTIONALLY raise interest rates to get inflation under control. This of course did disrupt economic growth, as it was intended to do, but broke the back of inflationary pressures on the economy, something the Republicans wouldn’t risk.

        He had nothing to do with the reasons oil prices fell from $35/bbl when he took office to below $10/bbl by 1986, but the U.S. economy (not Texas’) certainly benefitted as a result. Please see world economic history 101.

        As far as that whole ‘Cold War Thing,’ here’s some light reading that will provide some elucidation for you:


        Reagan cut funding to the states for mental health and mental institutions, single handedly creating the homeless problem.

        Out of time.

        We need another FDR to correct Hoover/Reagan economic policies. The middle class elected him four times, he was doing something right.

        • Avatar photo Earl

          I was old enough to vote . The numbers I gave you are factual. You can spin it anyway you like . It’s laughable that liberals blame Reagan for the homeless problem. If a conservative says it , its a misconception. If a let winger says it , it has to be true. Deregulation dropped the price of oil .. Thank you Mr Reagan. Oil was $98.00 a barrel in 1981-82 .. Check it out

          One thing is true for certain , The Socialism you crave is a great idea until you run out of other peoples money.

          We need more Reagan and less Clinton.

          I love you Jamesh but we will never agree on this subject

          • Avatar photo copanut

            “The Socialism you crave is a great idea until you run out of other peoples money.”

            Ah, that tired old meme. The reverse is equally true:

            “The unregulated capitalism you crave is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money.” Where do you think the money in capitalism comes from? All of it originates from the productivity of the masses. These are the people who make the goods, sell the goods, and buy the goods. If you bleed the productivity for the greed and enrichment at the top, eventually the well runs dry.

            This has happened a few times. 1929 and 2008 come to mind.

            Instead of these juvenile caricatures of socialism, can’t we be grown up and admit that a hybrid system is the best approach, combining reasonable regulation with reasonable social infrastructure?

            Sustained business health and sustained societal health require freedoms. These include freedom to take defined risks in business and in personal life without fear of catastrophic destruction. An unregulated society results in oligarchy, with almost all wealth concentrated in the hands of a few powerful families, who in turn control the corrupt politicians. If you think that’s a good idea, spend a few weeks in the shanties of Metro Manila and tell me what you think of that utopia.

            For some reason the Archie Bunkers seem to think that reasonable regulation is the equivalent of soviet Russia or communist China.

            If you are going to have a strong and growing business, you need quality staff who are happy and productive. That means quality education, the ability to earn significantly, social protections for age and health, and quality infrastructure like roads and defense. That costs money. Everyone should participate. Those who stand to gain the most should pay the most. This seems fairly straight-forward. A system that fails to function this way will be sub-optimal at best, or doomed to fail at worst.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            So you are okay with the ridiculous government regulations that keep a thumb on the American spirit and crush the economy? Why do you think companies leave the US and make their products elsewhere? Because they crave more rules? Probably to get away from the fucking EPA & the IRS . You cant take shit without needing a permit.

            That tired old “Meme” is more relevant than ever. . You want what I have and that’s the bottom line. You crave a world where success is a crime. People don’t want to work anymore . I see it everyday. Let the other guy do it and share the rewards with everyone else.

            What you really mean is those who work the hardest should pay the most .

          • Avatar photo JAMESH

            Yes, those pesky regulations that conservatives have historically despised, like Child Labor Laws. Clean air and water. Food contamination. Blowing the tops off of mountains, etc, etc.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            You guys are exhausting .

          • Avatar photo Earl

            Copa and Jamesh are Statler and Waldorf . Earl is Fozzie Bear

          • Avatar photo JAMESH

            Where do you derive the “success is a crime” comment? When you say people don’t want to work anymore and you see it every day, I see people working very hard at multiple jobs and their standard of living continues to fall as a very small percentage of our society WHO DON’T WORK are exponentially enjoying the fruits of the labor of other people. We have developed into a feudal society where the serfs are toiling for the benefit of the overlords.

            btw, oil was not $98/bbl in 1981-82.


            You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            Wiki ? Seriously Jamesh ? You’re better than that. Might as well be quoting the comics

          • Avatar photo JAMESH

            Sorry for arguing with you, Earl. I had no idea you were this far gone.

            Upon what, pray tell, do you base your opinion of Wikipedia and in particular the facts cited in the article I referenced?

          • Avatar photo Earl

            You know why they have to work multiple jobs Jamesh? Obamacare . Employers cant afford full time workers or higher wages.
            Oh – I just made that up to piss you off .

          • Avatar photo JAMESH

            There’s only two things that really piss me off, Earl.

            Intolerance……….. and the Dutch.

          • Avatar photo copanut

            “So you are okay with the ridiculous government regulations that keep a thumb on the American spirit and crush the economy?”

            Why do you just make shit up out of nowhere? If you can’t identify where I said that, then you should apologize.

            “You want what I have and that’s the bottom line. You crave a world where success is a crime. People don’t want to work anymore . I see it everyday. Let the other guy do it and share the rewards with everyone else.”

            Who the hell do you think you’re talking to Earl? You have nothing that I want. How is it that you get to decide the definition of success and whether or not I qualify? Aside from a long career in technology, I’ve started and operated two successful and profitable businesses. I work typically 11 hours a day and have had one week of vacation in the last 8 years, so spare me your talking points about people who “don’t want to work anymore”.

            You may disagree with me politically but you are in no position to make the idiotic assumptions that you are tossing around.

            “What you really mean is those who work the hardest should pay the most.”

            Fuck you asshole. You don’t have the faintest clue. You just let your brain get pickled in right wing hate juices to the point where it is short-circuited. Nothing that you say even makes sense.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            Fuck you Asshole ? I’m pretty sure that you are the asshole.I wasn’t talking about you or Jamesh you wind bag. It was about people in general. Its nearly impossible to hire people who want to work. The statement has merit.

            I love how every comment from anyone that disagrees with you is stupid or idiotic with zero substance.

            Get your head out of the sand if you don’t think we are over regulated.

            I have a clue about one thing . You are a pompous ass that probably got picked last in gym class.

          • Avatar photo copanut

            You know if you don’t want to be taken as talking about me, then put 10 seconds of thought into how you write.

            Let’s dissect: “So you are okay with the ridiculous government regulations that keep a thumb on the American spirit and crush the economy? Why do you think companies leave the US and make their products elsewhere?”

            So in response to me, you use the word YOU, which implies ME. If you don’t want it to be taken that way, then don’t write it that way.

            Another example:
            “You want what I have and that’s the bottom line. You crave a world where success is a crime. What you really mean is those who work the hardest should pay the most.”

            Perhaps you are just talking to some hypothetical strawman, because the positions you attack don’t match anything anyone here has said, ever. If that’s the case, do it while looking in your bathroom mirror, not when you are supposed to be having a dialog with an actual human.

            Bottom line – don’t put words in my mouth and I won’t call you an asshole, asshole. We don’t need arrogant lectures from you on the importance of hard work and self-reliance, or on the dangers of excessive government. Believe it or not, people who recognize that Trump is an epic disaster and historic existential threat are also capable of working hard, being wary of government intrusion, and just possibly being more successful than you too. Don’t worry – your guns and your porn stash are safe.

            “I love how every comment from anyone that disagrees with you is stupid or idiotic with zero substance.”

            No, I pretty much am only saying that about you, and only when it comes to politics, where you are clearly dead from the neck up. Like Trump, you are willing to say whatever nonsense shit you like and unwilling to take responsibility for it when your absurdity is pointed out. Spewing talking points from right wing hate media is not going to impress anyone with critical thinking skills so don’t expect to not be challenged on it.

            I’m sorry if my ripping you a new asshole makes you feel resentful and intellectually inferior. A good solution to that would be for you to stop posting stupid shit.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            First of all Copa, there is nothing about you that makes anyone feel inferior . In fact , its quite the opposite.

            Liberals ( you in particular ) have to be the dumbest fucking people I know and the day will never come when a self important wind bag piece of shit like you will make me feel bad or inferior about anything.

            Everything you say , Everything you think is just wrong. You get your panties twisted when someone (me) wont bow down to your superior way of thinking. Typical Liberal

            You think you are so brilliant , perceptive and all that bullshit not because you’ve actually done anything , just because you’re a liberal. I bet you’ve never actually helped anyone. You just sit back and judge. Typical Liberal

            If you think you are ripping me a new asshole I haven’t even started on you yet . You’re like a bastard love child of Nancy Pelosi and Bill Maher. You have such an inferiority complex that you cling to the left with your entire being.

            I must have touched a nerve with you , The truth hurts and you cant take it . Typical Liberal Asshole

          • Avatar photo JAMESH

            Earl, you have me in tears laughing at the absurdity, irony, and blind ignorance you display simultaneously with your comment, and I quote: “I bet you’ve never actually helped anyone. You just sit back and judge.” LOL

            You have no factual basis for your predication and then accuse copa of doing EXACTLY what you have just done! Hysterical on so many levels!

            It’s like you just kicked the futbol into your own goal.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            I’ve gone easy on you so far out of respect for you age.
            Its cute how you jump my shit to defend Copa’s honor. I didn’t know he needed a comedic sidekick. Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin ….. You two make a great couple .

            I’ll be your Huckleberry Jamesh . Keep on lobbing the grenades . I find your ignorance and blind allegiance quite humorous.

          • Avatar photo copanut

            Yes, Earl, I have to confess that you have been right all along. I am a worthless slug, and I bow and tremble in the presence of your greatness and genius. Your logic is top notch, as is your reading comprehension and perception of history, economics, and politics. You are truly the most insightful person I have ever encountered and I feel so fortunate and grateful that you deign to visit my site.

            As you mirror his personality and mentality so perfectly, it is only a wonder that you were not chosen to be the running mate of Donald Trump. I can only guess you weren’t chosen because the nation is not worthy of so much tremendous greatness at the same time. Even your hands are the same size, and that can’t be a coincidence.

            Please continue to grace us with your wit and wisdom and high class imagery of the female form, as well as your unmatched Dueling Banjo persona.

            I want so much to be like you. I know it’s not possible, but I can dream.

            Carry on.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            That’s some condescending stuff right there Copa. I never suggested my superiority to you or anyone else.

            You ready to stop this silly shit ?

          • Avatar photo copanut

            You really are some hilarious Orwellian plant. You don’t think your unhinged rant was condescending, but you think my sarcastic response is?

            Tell you what, Earl, if you don’t like it you have a choice: Stop posting the crap that precipitates a response. So far as I know, there is no gun to your head making you do it.

            Any other site would have banned your ass before this point.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            Whats laughable is that you two think everything you write is factual. Its not . You get your material from a media that is 99.9% liberal . No matter what I say I’m a dumb ass so why bother . I’m just supposed to take your personal insults ? I don’t think so .

            You would actually ban someone for disagreeing with you and giving back what you dish out?

            Come on Copa.

          • Avatar photo copanut

            Earl, I’m honestly puzzled by the fact that you seem to not understand what I write and interpolate a different meaning. Perhaps I’m not clear enough, so let me try to be clear and serious for a moment. Please take the time to read it.

            First, let me apologize for calling you an asshole. Although it was in response to your provocation and fully justifiable, I really try not to get personal especially among a friendly group. I prefer to avoid such things and let you just hang yourself with your own words.

            Second, I didn’t ban you, obviously. What I said was that you would have been banned already on most other sites. Try going on SD and ranting on Dave Bryan – you wouldn’t last through the first sentence.

            Third, I have thick skin and don’t really care about your unhinged ranting at me. I find it pretty funny because it’s so off the wall and not terribly well connected to reality. I’ve been on the internet since it was still ARPAnet, so I’ve experienced every type of troll and ideologue. Doesn’t bother me. I am neither impressed nor intimidated by your personal attacks.

            Fourth, I value your contribution and participation on the football side and would rather not lose you. The fact that you think I’m some stereotypical “librul” worthy of your contempt really is not relevant either to this site or to my life. If anything, your tears of unfathomable anguish sustain me (South Park reference there, don’t get worked up.)

            Okay, fifth, and here is the most important point…

            I don’t care if you attack me, but I draw the line at your attacking any of my other guests. I want this to be a welcoming and inclusive place. I will not hesitate to pull the plug on you if you keep taking personal shots at other people. If you don’t care, then keep it up and you will force my hand, but if you do care then operate with the rules of the site.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            Copa – We’re good . I hope you have the same message for the other guy that slung poo at me. You guys laid down some pretty serious insults towards me. I’m not overly sensitive either but when my opinions are summarily dismissed as fantasy without any consideration , I might get a little pissed off.

            Its that part about not being connected to reality that takes things too far . Perhaps I’m not clear on what I mean. I’m very much in touch with my reality.

            Our politics just don’t jive. We’ll leave it at that .

            I apologize for my part in this BS . I’m done with it .

          • Avatar photo JAMESH


          • Avatar photo JAMESH

            btw, Earl, I’m not defending copa per se…… I’m defending reality, logic, facts, and rational thought. If, by chance, someone other than the three of us actually reads this thread, they would quickly realize that copa needs no help in defending himself from anyone’s troglodyte truisms and name-calling, something I would never do……. you clit-headed tit-monster.

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            Well, that was a really fun conversation to read!

  34. Avatar photo copanut

    “We’re going to watch Pennsylvania. Go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure other people don’t come in and vote five times.”

    So now Don of the Dread thinks it’s possible for voters to vote five times in Pennsylvania.

    This man is completely out of his mind. I am just shocked that otherwise intelligent people can’t see it. No matter how bugnutty he is day after day he still can get 40% of the populace to vote for him. No wonder scam artists are so successful, with such easy pickings.

    • Avatar photo Earl

      I think he’s taking a dive. A flop if you will . No one is that dumb or self destructive. Its all an act guys . I wonder what will happen when her criminal charges come out? Will they just ask Obama to stay 4 more years.. I mean , I could be on board with that over these two idiots

      • Avatar photo copanut

        I really don’t think he’s faking it. This is who he is and who he has always been. Remember, he’s the original birther, but even more than that, as every New Yorker will tell you, he’s been nuts like this since he emerged in the 70’s.

        I really think the RNC should officially shut him down and put all their money and effort into the down ballot races. They can still salvage this election from being a total loss if they do that, and preserve the party. They can’t do that unless they officially disavow him.

    • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

      Is there a little troll in there, with a spray bottle of warm water, that finishes ‘the deed?’

      • Avatar photo JAMESH

        We’re doing a bathroom remodel and Miss Ecuador wants something “bright and airy” and said my choices were too “dark and dungy.”
        And then I found this……

  35. Avatar photo Earl

    So Hillary plans for Free Tuition at State and Community Colleges for all middle income families . How does she plan to pay for that ? What’s considered Middle Income? Why should they get a free education?

    Enlighten me please

    • Avatar photo copanut

      I don’t know. One of the problems with the Daffy Don candidacy is that he sucks all of the media oxygen out of the room so these questions are not being asked. On the other hand it’s probably moot because it wouldn’t get past Congress anyway.

      That said, it’s not a bad idea if it can be done responsibly. It wasn’t that long ago that many state universities were tuition free or close to it for residents.

      As to why they should get a free education, it isn’t a matter of whether they “deserve” it. The real question is whether or not it’s beneficial to the nation. It’s obviously beneficial to the “middle class” because they enter the workforce not saddled by so much debt, which also means they consume more which is good for the economy.

      It’s also a good thing for the rich because for the rich to get richer they need a well educated work force.

      I’m not sure that her idea is to have this only for middle income families. I’d disagree with that. If we do it, it should be for any resident of that state. Of course, the rich tend to send their kids to private schools where this would not apply, but that’s a matter of choice.

      • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

        I agree with value to the economy–and I’ll take it a step further in that a free (or even greatly reduced) education also reduces the probability of a loan default, which also translates to the tax payer. I just wish it was around when I went to college, though I doubt my school of choice would have landed on the free lists

        • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

          But I will also share that the ‘gift’ of a free education should also go to a good home and should be accompanied by a simple caveat–if the student cannot maintain a minimum GPA, then replace him/her with someone who understands the value of what is being offered….

        • Avatar photo copanut

          LOL – I was joking about this with my daughters the other day. The older one just got done paying off her loans and the younger one is just about to start paying them. I told them I was sure the deal would be retroactive. I’ll be expecting a refund on my tuition from 30 years ago.

          Seriously, if there is a program like this, I think it would be good to tie it in to some form of community service.

    • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

      I wish I could enlighten you, but I cannot, as the definition of middle class (assuming that’s synonymous with middle income) varies, depending on the data used to comprise it, those doing the study and on the agenda of the individual set to define it. The person looking to define it could be simply aiming at the ‘lower-middle’ class and then say that the objective was met. As far as how that’s going to be paid, well that’s probably where it gets hazy but I would expect in some form or another, those who are above the middle-income demographic should expect to pay more (either in taxes or with fluctuating tuition costs based on income–that’s just a guess, I have not heard or read that anywhere–but it would make sense).

  36. Avatar photo abennihana

    While the Reagan conversation was really fun to read, I thought I would offer the opinion of an economist I know that works for an investment bank and is also a Republican. Take it for what it’s worth. It was an email to me from almost 6 years ago. It is laden with blame exaggeration (boomers). But, I am certain that the mechanisms he explains were/are factual. He understands monetary policy better than any of us.

    “Well, I can bore you with a shit load of details if you are truly interested. But, for your sanity, I will presume you just want the “Cliff’s Notes” version of what I believe went wrong with our nation’s monetary policy.

    IMO, our current fiscal condition began sometime in the very early 1980’s. Reagan was in his first term and Paul Volcker was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. At the end of fiscal year 1981 the nation’s total debt outstanding was slightly less than $1 trillion–$997 billion. In that year, assuming you use the definition of a Baby Boomer as someone that was born between 1943 & 1960, Baby Boomers ranged in age from just finishing college to about 38.

    I don’t think it was inaccurate for the ‘80s to be called the “Me” decade. If you recall popular culture from that time it was all about excess. The “yuppies” wanted a bigger house, faster cars, clothes with labels—like dudes on horses. This is in contrast to just a few years earlier in the late ‘70s when inflation was the primary concern and the idea of buying a bigger house and faster car were about as common place as they are today—albeit for different reasons.

    Paul Volcker is said to have “broke the back of inflation” in the early ‘80s…and he did, but how he did it led to our current mess.

    The primary culprit of late 1970s inflation was wage inflation. Skipping some detail in the interest of time, the problem was primarily with the unions—remember unions were a much larger component of the labor force back then. As union contracts came due for renegotiation the workers wanted to lock in pay raises to keep up with inflation. Therefore, say a union is negotiating a 5 year contract, the union representatives are going to want sizable pay increases each year to make sure they are not actually losing money every year of that contract in real terms.

    Well, that is fine, until the plumbers union, the auto union, the post office workers union, etc all have the same idea. Soon wages were increasing rapidly. As you know, inflation is defined as too many dollars chasing too few goods. Since salaries were going up, so were prices as everyone could afford a new Buick/BMW/2nd house etc. As prices went up, each new union contract up for renegotiation demanded higher future wages to keep up with inflation…hence the wage expectation problem that caused the inflation issues in the late 70s early 80s.

    I mentioned earlier that Volcker stopped rampant inflation…and he did, by raising the Fed funds rate to nearly 20% causing most sane people to second guess purchasing anything on credit—homes, cars, polo shirts—because of the high interest. Banks still made a killing because, what is very infrequently mentioned, Volcker left the Fed Funds rate exceptionally high for a prolonged period of time in order to kill all future wage inflation expectations. So, Fed Funds was sky high, meanwhile the inflation rate (CPI) was actually getting pretty tame. So, real interest rates were super high…allowing the banks to make some serious $$$.

    Corporations began to outsource jobs in the ‘80s to avoid having to deal with another wage spiral like they experienced in the ‘70s. Which worked out great for them…not so good for you and I.

    So, and here is where the Baby Boomers come into play, the ‘80s were known for excess. But, how could that be? Real wages were flat or falling during the decade? Credit!

    Remember in 1981 our nation had accumulated total debt of just shy of $1 trillion? Well, by 1990 it was $3.2 trillion. A 200% increase in debt. Meanwhile, the GDP didn’t quite double–$3.1 trillion (1981) to $5.8 trillion (1990). Does that resemble a Ponzi scheme? Remember, in 1981 the nation was able to generate essentially $3 of GDP for every $1 in debt it owed. Then by 1990 that number was about $1.75 per $1 of debt—today we are right at $1 to $1…at least we will be at the end of this fiscal year.

    The national debt is composed of liabilities that exceed revenue accumulated over the years. As well as, loans the Treasury takes out with the Federal Reserve in order to print more money. Since we are not on the gold standard anymore if the Treasury wants to “print” more dollars it tells the Federal Reserve to do so. In return for the dollars, the Treasury provides the Fed with T-Bills or Bonds—debt. I could talk about fractional reserve banking now, but that will really piss you off so I will skip it…assuming you even read this far. So, in order to keep the economy moving forward in the ‘80s, amid wage decreases, the government had to make credit easier to get which they did by asking the Fed to “print” more money—when I say print, it really means lend to member banks. So, the Baby Boomers wanted their fancy shit back in the ‘80s and since corporations were outsourcing jobs the only way to afford it was for individuals to take on debt which the US government was glad to oblige, because it didn’t take long for Reagan—and those that followed him—to realize “it’s the economy stupid!” If you wanted to get re-elected you damn well better have a good economy come election time…print more money.

    So, in the ‘80s & ‘90s we had some good shit going. Inflation was contained because more and more shit was made overseas by people that made peanuts compared to what it would cost here. Prices for houses kept going up because credit was easy to get—thanks to a willing Treasury and Federal Reserve. This is where my contempt for the Baby Boomers comes in.

    They should have known better. Instead of reigning in the national debt when they had the chance and cut spending they chose to continue their extravagant lifestyle. As the Boomers, the largest group of people in our nation’s history, became more and more indebted it was necessary for the Treasury and Federal Reserve to keep the Ponzi Scheme going—easy money.

    Today, our government has accumulated $12.35 Trillion in debt—the debt ceiling was just raised to $14.3 trillion which we will hit next year at this time. Interest on the debt is quickly going to cripple this country. Right now the government is lucky to be able to float 10 year bonds at less than 4%, what happens when bond holders demand higher interest due to inflation?

    Meanwhile, the same Baby Boomers are past their peak earning years and are going to be collecting social security soon. You know, the same social security that you pay for in taxes every two weeks that you will never see a penny of.

    So, and I know I skipped some details, my contempt of the Baby Boomers stems from the debt they are leaving us with and the cushy retirement they will be collecting (which we fund) as they laugh at us as we try to figure a way to pay the debt THEY incurred thanks to the government’s easy money policy since 1980. Why do you think the government is so against housing prices correcting downward to levels people can actually afford? It is the last “fuck you” of the Baby Boomers. They bought expensive houses no other generation can afford and are hoping to cash out and let the rest of us hold the bag…and the government is all too happy to keep the Ponzi scheme going.”

    The larger point he is making is that things don’t get this screwed up in 5 or even 10 years. It takes a generation. And it may take another generation to fix.

    • Avatar photo Earl

      A whole bunch of those baby boomers are retiring early and buying beach houses right now . at least the ones I know

    • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

      You’re correct, in that the results of economic decisions are often not realized until much later. The author is also correct in that there were some details that were skipped–the Fed (Volcker) raised the interest rates at the result of Reagan’s initial tax plan; their fear (and rightly so) was that the reduced tax rates would spike inflation, so the rates were adjusted in order to get out in front of it. Well, inflation did slow, in addition to the USD being spiked on the international markets, the trade deficit was horrendous. Once the dust settled is when the pretty numbers all appeared (lower unemployment, increased spending, more jobs) behind the veil of the credit boom. I’m not so sure I would go as far to call it a Ponzi Scheme, but to each his (or her) own.

      However, on top of all of the increased wealth and accumulation of shit that Americans love (we have proven to be a species of instant gratification) Reagan promised to beef up the military, which he did, as well as outsourcing (contracting) a whole heap of military projects. All of this coming on the heels of one of the absolute worst economic states under Carter–Americans (Baby Boomers, et al.) got a taste and they loved it.

      Here’s my final rub: I’ve always compared an economic recovery to correcting an out of control car on an icy road, where over-correction is often the result. The biggest problem, however, is that the one at the wheel to try and get it back to center is often not the same one who took it off the road in the first place.

  37. Avatar photo Earl

    I think most in the room respect Mitch Albom. Read his take on the death tax and Hillary’s willingness to take what doesn’t belong to the government . The fleeing of America will continue … or get worse

    • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

      I’ve always thought the estate tax was an absurd scam to earn more dough–what’s more, is that if Jone Doe II inherits $5M from pops, then JD2 bequeaths $7M (the same $5M +$2M) to JD3, they tax it again–a third time.

      BTW–political views aside, Albom is wonderful author and if you’ve never read any of his stuff, it’s very easy to read and great story telling.

      • Avatar photo Earl

        I’m a big fan of Mitch Albom.

  38. Avatar photo Earl

    Here we go Stillers , Here we go. In honor of Mitch Albom , we’ll call it Tuesdays with Under Boob

    • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

      Well, since you’re on the subject of cunt wagons, we should be sure to make sure there’s a level field


      • Avatar photo kalel1199

        and this is the problem…who does one pick with the choices are lying cunt and looney jackwagon…..

        I may just go with C. Canada

        • Avatar photo kalel1199

          if one or the other comes out and puts it in their campaign to make cannabis legal, I’m sold

          • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

            Despite my tendency to lean to the right, that’s one subject I tend to disagree on with my conservative counterparts, as I also think it should be legalized…the revenue flow alone is reason enough

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            if one or the other comes out and puts it in their campaign to make cannabis legal, I’m sold
            In that case, Gary Johnson is your man.

  39. Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

    In honor of unemployed QBs–Christian Ponder, at least he gets to wake up next to this

    • Avatar photo abennihana

      “Christian Ponder signs with San Francisco 49ers”

      • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

        I know Ben, I saw your post in the comment board after I posted this….but it just seemed wrong to remove it

        • Avatar photo abennihana

          Quite so.

    • Avatar photo Earl

      Smokin!! Yeah , To him its just the same old cracker though .

      • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

        Well I’ll be happy to remind her how special she is!

      • Avatar photo JAMESH

        There’s only so much salt one can lick off the the same cracker. (Before putting it back in the box)

    • Avatar photo malsor

      been very entertaining reading all of this. one thing i will chime in on, this isnt ponder’s wife , her name is samantha steele

  40. Avatar photo Earl

    So Obama paid $400 million dollars for (4) Dual Citizens . What a fucking liar he is and Hillary is just like him . He just made this country weaker IMO ………….

    “Reports today confirm what many of us have suspected all along: the $400 million payment to Iran was a ransom payment for four Americans unlawfully held by the ayatollahs,” said Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.

    Now “terrorist groups and our adversaries around the world” know the U.S. will pay “cold, hard cash for hostages,” Cotton said.

    • Avatar photo copanut

      Republican political spin. You can’t call it a “ransom” unless it is new money. You could more logically claim that Iran’s money was held for ransom by the US until the US got what it wanted.

      “The State Department conceded … that it delayed making a $400 million payment to Iran for several hours in January ‘to retain maximum leverage’ and ensure that three American prisoners were released the same day.”

      The money was Iran’s and was frozen for 37 years since the hostage crisis in 1979. The new agreement with Iran made it possible to finally release the frozen funds but the State Department continued to hold it until the four prisoners were released. Seems prudent to me. Imagine if they had released the funds first and Iran decided to drag its feet on releasing the prisoners. How stupid would that be?

      What alternative would you suggest? Simply keeping Iran’s money and declaring the debt null and void? Not much of a diplomatic strategy.

      • Avatar photo Earl

        That’s your rebuttal ? It was really their money . I fell out my chair laughing at that .. Good One

        • Avatar photo copanut

          It’s not a rebuttal. It’s a simple fact if you know anything about the history. They paid $400 million for products that we did not deliver. Their refund for that got held up for 37 years thanks to their country being overtaking by religious freaks. New diplomatic relations made it possible to refund their money, which by the way was adjudicated by independent arbitration.

          Why is this difficult to understand?

          • Avatar photo Earl

            You better contact the State Department and let them know they were wrong – THEY called it Ransom Money .. Where the fuck is Mel Gibson when you need him

          • Avatar photo copanut

            Please present a legit link quoting anyone at State who called it ransom money. I’m pretty sure you just invented that.

            What they said is they held off on paying the money to gain maximum leverage. In other words, they held the money for ransom until they got what they wanted, the EXACT REVERSE of what you are implying.

            Let’s go with an analogy. You agree to buy my Prius for $20k, but then our wives get in a fight and you are no longer allowed to do business with me. I have never delivered my car to you but I still have your $20k. For 37 years you try to get your money back and I say I’m not releasing it until your stupid wife stops throwing eggs at my house. In the meantime the money is in escrow collecting interest.

            37 years later, our wives drop dead and you and I agree we can have at least some level of communication again. You promise there will be no more eggs, and I promise to give you back your money. But you had also taken my lawn mower so I say I won’t release your money until you return my lawn mower. So, you release my lawn mower, and a few days later I send your money back to you and we’re done.

            At what point was your own money a “ransom” being paid to get the lawn mower back?

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            Both valid points. However, holding up delivery of the refund, was done to entice Iran to release the hostages. When that happened, the money became tied to those hostages and, in effect, a ransom.
            Incidentally, we still owe those sons of bitches another $1.7B for that same deal.

  41. Avatar photo abennihana

    Must have been really scary, Ryan.

    • Avatar photo copanut

      Does this incident remind anyone of Skippy and the Sheetz paper towel dispenser, followed by public urination?

      Is it a coincidence Skippy and Lochte have the same hair style?

      • Avatar photo abennihana

        It kind of does, yes. Although the urination was being done by Spaeth. Reed got a drunken disorderly for screaming at the cops to mind their own damn business because it was a Steeler who was pissing on Carson Street. To think, Spaeth probably could have just paid the ticket and the situation would have never made the news!
        I guess we should thank Jeff for being such a dipshit.

  42. Avatar photo abennihana

    A picture of all the guns taken during seizures instigated Obama while he has been POTUS

  43. Avatar photo Earl

    Is this really what we’ve become ? What the Fuck ? If you cant say the Pledge of Allegiance … get the fuck out . I’m really get tired of lets not hurt peoples feelings crap . If you have a DICK , use the Men’s room. If you live in this country and attend our Schools , you say the Pledge of Allegiance. The next thing you know they wont allow Prayers before High School Football Games .. Wait , they already stopped that too. Damn i need to go shoot something

    • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

      I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that they don’t require the Pledge of Allegiance in school, or that fact that they need to get parental consent to be excused from reciting it.

      A good friend of mine is a high school history teacher and he (like many teachers when I and I’m sure others here were in school) has certain rules in his classroom, such as removing hats while in class–nothing too outrageous, and in fact, quite common. So, upon entering the classroom, he reminds students who may have forgotten to please remove their hats…..fast forward a couple months, he’s at a staff meeting and is informed by the principal that he was notified by some parents that their kids were required to remove their hats while in class. Instead of responding with something like “yes, that’s correct,” they went a different route and told the teachers that removal of hats, while it can be requested, is no longer mandatory by the students. Absurd.

      • Avatar photo copanut

        I think you nailed it on the head – the real absurdity is the consent form itself.

        As for the hats, I guess I must be an old timey conservative, but I like having a dress code in school, as long as the girls get to show off their legs.

    • Avatar photo JAMESH

      Here’s the long-settled issue. In some faiths, Jehovah’s WItness comes to mind, they don’t believe in taking any kind of oaths nor allegiance other than to their God. So, by our First Amendment, a citizen’s Constitutional Rights can be violated if required to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

      The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892, the words “Flag of the United States of America” were added in 1923, and the words “Under God” were added in 1954.

      So, an atheist, who has the Constitutional right to be an atheist, would have his First Amendment rights violated if required to recite the POA in its current form.

      But forgive me……. I’m a firm believer in our Constitution.

      “Our Schools” also applies to people other than you, Earl.

      In 1943, almost 75 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the state did not have the power to compel speech.


      • Avatar photo JAMESH

        So it’s that whole First Amendment thingy……. freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Quite simple, in reality.

        • Avatar photo copanut

          Constitution, schmonstitution. James, you shouldn’t be stating allegiance to the Constitution, you should be pledging it to a flag and a government mandated deity, and if you think otherwise you should just get the hell out of the country. We don’t have time for political correctness like sticking up for the Constitution. We’re Americans, dammit.

          Because… you know… if you fail to make that mandated pledge, it will hurt people’s feelings who realize that the pledge is more important than Constitutional principles that inspired the patriotism that inspired the pledge, and we’re sick and tired of that “let’s not hurt people’s feelings” crap, so shut up and get out you silly Nancyboy.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            Left Wing elitism at its finest.

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            Left Wing Elitism is just another poor excuse when you have no rational counterpoint to an argument. It’s so trite at this point that it has become cliche.
            How’s that for intellectual elitism? Rhetorical question. However you feel about it, it’s the truth.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            I love it . Anytime anybody disagrees with the left or you, they are irrational and stupid. Its not cliche, its a fact that the left have become Anti American and just plain ridiculous. They / you don’t speak for the vast majority of people this country.

            Left Elitism is real and sending this country straight to hell .. If you believe in that sort of thing .. hell I mean

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            Irrational and stupid? Hmmm.
            No. In point of fact you offered no rational counterpoint to anything that was written by the two guys above you in the thread. You simply name called. Basically I called you irrational and childish. IT IS CLICHE and it is so because it’s been used so often and never substantiated that it no longer has any meaning. NONE.
            And you think that YOU speak for the vast majority of people in this country? Really? I wonder of you’ll feel the same way when the GOP loses the POTUS, Senate and House in November. Believe it or not I am not celebrating that.
            What I am doing, and will continue to do, is think for myself and not be led around by a party that long ago lost touch with reality.
            One last point, Earl. Disagreeing politically with YOU personally does not make one leftist. And if you truly believe that you are deluded. Your political stance is emblematic of what is killing the GOP. But, hang on to it if you wish. It will gain you nothing but bitterness in the end. The Vast Majority of us know it’s bullshit and will never support it.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            Its not irrational and childish to stand up for what you believe Ben.

            And you have no right to question my political stance .. Tread lightly …….

          • Avatar photo copanut

            “And you have no right to question my political stance .. Tread lightly”

            And here is the point where Ben loses it and lists the 97 times that Earl has done exactly what he claims Ben has no right to do.

            Countdown 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 …

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            You are correct in your assumption that Ben lost it when he read that comment. Being told that I have no right to question someone’s political stance and to tread lightly by a person who openly questions political, religious and every other stance every poster on this board has, led me to lose my shit and I was going to go through the posts, cut and paste and illustrate just exactly how fucking asinine that statement was and also point out the irrationality in never actually countering any point he felt contrary to with any substance whatsoever. Yes, childish. It reminds me of grade school.
            “Whatever you say is wrong, ‘cuz you said it. I don’t care if I can prove it or not.”

            But, then I read, And here is the point where Ben loses it and lists the 97 times that Earl has done exactly what he claims Ben has no right to do.
            and I thought to myself, “Am I really that predictable? Is doing that going to accomplish anything other than whipping myself and at least one other person into a frenzy? Copa already said it with a great deal fewer words.
            and I walked it back and set it down for a while.

          • Avatar photo JAMESH

            My, you’ve shown some personal growth over the years. lol. Good show, Ben!

          • Avatar photo JAMESH

            And realizing that I myself fall victim to my own weaknesses quite often, I am reminded of what the Dalai Lama once told me at base camp while I was ascending K2 (okay, I made that up) “He who argues with a known simpleton becomes the bigger idiot.” Respect you, Ben.

      • Avatar photo ChicoSteelersFan

        Bingo! How come conservatives never know this? In God we trust was also added to money in the same year for the commie scare that was going around, but maybe that’s what conservatives mean by “take America back”, and “make America great again”. It’s this fantasy of 1950’s America. The thing is America was never meant not gonna just sit pat, she’s gonna keep evolving, some view what she’s evolved to as ugly and going down the drain, others view her as making great progress especially on the social front, yet lots more work to do.

        • Avatar photo ChicoSteelersFan

          So let’s do it!!

          • Avatar photo abennihana

            Damn Hippies!

        • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

          It’s not a matter of not knowing it, it’s a matter of what each individual believes…I won’t make anyone do anything, but I’m going to speak my mind on what I believe–if I don’t get through, fine, I’ll keep on keepin’ on, but I’m going to be heard….that whole First Amendment thingy

          • Avatar photo JAMESH

            It’s a wonderful thingy!

        • Avatar photo Earl

          One Nation under GOD will keep us rolling .

      • Avatar photo Earl

        Jamesh – that’s just more left wing rhetoric and the PC bullshit. Many consider the POL a solute to those who sacrificed much and those who currently serve. Why do you have to over think this ?

        The Supreme Court is nothing more than the 4th Reich

        • Avatar photo JAMESH

          It’s called The Constitution, Earl.

          • Avatar photo Earl

            Its called the anti American Left – Jamesh

        • Avatar photo copanut

          Maybe you’re the one who is overthinking it a bit. It’s all a matter of point of view. My family history goes back to Pilgrim-era Massachusetts and I have family members who fought in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, and currently serve. They fought to defend the freedoms of the Constitution, the most basic of which include freedom of expression, freedom of thought, and freedom of religion.

          To me, it seems overthinking it to make a big issue over whether or not children should be forced to recite a pledge regardless of whether they understand it and whether or not they agree with it. Most children don’t even understand the words or grok the context of it other than at a cartoonish level. I certainly didn’t understand the words when I was a kid – it was just something dopey the adults made us do in the morning.

          When you strap on a gun in defense of your country or take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution – that’s when a pledge means something other than patronizing words. Better to spend the effort in school teaching these principles to children than on rote recital.

          When those Olympic athletes stand on the podium and cry during the Anthem, at that point they internalize it and it means something to them – they feel a connection to their country, its history, and the people who have made their life possible. Otherwise they may not have given it a thought other than it being a song to start a baseball game. Nobody cries there – they are just waiting for the first pitch and their beer and soggy hot dog.

          I say it’s not “left wing rhetoric and PC bullshit”. I say it is seriously considered priorities. For me, a high priority is the Constitution and the American system of democratic institutions and separation of powers including the SCOTUS you are denigrating. By contrast, a low priority for me is worrying about a flawed pledge forced onto children, or worrying about which bathroom is used by a gender-confused person.

          tl;dr: The difference between me and JamesH is five paragraphs vs five words.

          • Avatar photo TomPaulBillyBob

            Here’s a true story: I grew up outside of DC, was in grade school when the Redskins were kicking pretty good–the ‘Fun Bunch’ and other gay shit—were in full swing. I think I was in 4th grade, and we were in music class, and the teacher handed out the words for “Hail to the Redskins.” I refused to sing it, I got into some hot water, but my mother stood up for me when the teacher called her about my –whatever term she used–….

  44. Avatar photo ChicoSteelersFan

    This whole thing has been a real treat to read. Copa you are the “steel curtain” of political hits!! LOL!!!

  45. Avatar photo copanut

    Ann Coulter after Donald crapped on her new book.

  46. Avatar photo Earl

    The Left love to destroy the Constitution while standing behind the First Amendment . They draw it like a sword . The American flag should be burned .. Right ? It just stands for hatred and oppression – Right ? Free Market .. noooo

    If you aren’t left you are a racist and a sexist. Just ask the biggest race hustler of all times . President Obama and his hand puppet Crooked Hillary

    The anti-American left is far more dangerous than ISIS .

    • Avatar photo copanut


    • Avatar photo ChicoSteelersFan

      What??? Earl lay off the a.m. Radio brother!!!

      • Avatar photo Earl

        That’s straight out of Pfafftown and Ted Nugent

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